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Course waste for teams only

(NOT villages or visitors)

If your team has course waste, we need to know. We expect teams to organize the removal themselves (bring it to the logistics field themselves, ask Logistics to help (yes we can help (team Waste and team Onsite) but we'd like you to take point on this.)

Team What Volume in m^3 Notes
Decoration Flags 1.0 m³ Includes 1.80 m long sticks. Could given away
Decoration Signs 0.5 m³ Could be given away
Decoration TLBakken 0.5 m³ Only for broken items. Working items will be shipped back to Hack42
Decoration EntranceGate 1 m³ ±20x Mostly flat OSB panels of 1.22x2.44 m
Decoration SHAllywood 1 m³ 7x OSB panels of 1.22x2.44 m + 3D construction
Decoration Chriet_Titulaer_Memorial 0.25 m³ 1x OSB panel of 1.22x2.44 m + 3D construction
Decoration SilentLounge carpet 2.25 m³
Decoration SilentLounge decoration 1.75 m³
Bar DIY Bar-ombouw 3 m³ ? a 7 meter wooden bar in pieces...
LHQ Diversen 15 m³ Hopefully less but experience has taught us.