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1st line contacts: AK47, wilco
Does: Operates a site-wide fibre-optic, ethernet, Wi-Fi and IP network
Does not:
Is an exclusive team: Yes
IRC: #sha2017-noc
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 3
Current team size / amount of ppl: 30
Contact at projectleiding: User:Attilla
Backup Contact at projectleiding: User:Netsmurf2
Managed Vacancies:
You can add for your team on a page by adding: {{TeamVacancies|NOC}}

13 Team Members NOC


We are the cat picture delivery team.

Special network requests

The NOC team will operate a wired and wireless network across the camp-site. For wired access GigE copper (100/1000BASE-T) is available at the datenklos and most orga/team tents. A list (or map) of locations will be published later on.

IP connectivity is unfiltered, this means you will receive a public IPv4 and IPv6 address which has unlimited inbound and outbound connectivity.

If you (as a team, orga or visitor) have a special request that doesn't fit the above description, please send an email to


  • Uplink
  • Core/distribution
  • Access staging
  • NOC datacenter
  • Public Colo/Gazebo
  • Wireless
  • Servers & Services
  • Monitoring
  • Overview
  • Cabling & deployment
  • Abuse
  • Design/planning
  • NOC helpdesk


Get in touch with us for:

  • Coordinate NOC helpdesk and help out with NOC helpdesk
  • Help out with deployment & teardown (cabling, switches, accesspoints, etc)
  • Coordinate colocation facility (there will be no colo)


NOC members: make sure to add yourself here [1]. Adding yourself to this wiki is optional.


  • Write a short text for the facilities page on visitors wiki (will be used for booklet)