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Floorplan v1.png
Person Responsible User:Rizoom
Status ready
Budget Required 3500
Budget Granted 3500
buildup from 08-02
buildup duration 1.5 day
buildup orga 1 (rizoom)
buildup angels 2
teardown from 08-08, 18:00
teardown duration 4 hours
teardown orga 1
teardown angels 2
waste 4000 liter
comments -

A colourful silent (as in no music) lounge where people can sit, relax, work, talk and/or have a drink in.

Floorplan and furniture

The tent is 15x15 m, as far as is known right now the roof of the tent will be yellow and white stripes. The sides will be white. Flooring is made from wood and needs to be covered by carpet.

Floorplan for the silent lounge

Planned furniture

The following items will be in the lounge:

  • 23 big beanbags [size is 180 cm x 140 cm]
  • 12 small ottomans [size is 35 cm diameter, 50cm height]
  • 6 big-ass hammocks [330 cm x 127 cm]
  • 4 CO9 beanbags (shaped like a rabbit) [180 cm x 150 cm]
  • 16 carpets [180 cm x 140 cm]
  • 24 small tables
  • 12 globelamps made from CDs
  • A big mobile made from old CDs
  • Wardrobe for storing shoes and jackets and other stuff
  • 2 fluid projectors
  • blankets with decoration
  • ...

Things to make

  • globelamps made from CDs

1/12 done

  • mobile made from CDs
  • decorate the blankets
  • fix up the LACK tables
  • ...


Budget can be viewed here, total budget is 2500 euro: Budget sheet

Expected waste

  • Carpet needs to be removed and thrown away
  • No other waste known yet

Build up

1 aug Rizoom solo buildup 2 aug 2 Rizoon + volunteers needed

Tear down



Pick-up and return to rental company - need to talk to Team:Logistics about this