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Family Village
1st line contacts: Sigyn, full-hyperion
Does: Organises the Family Village, aimed mostly at the younger visitors. Organises activities for these visitors, talks to other teams about possibilities.
Does not: Provide daycare
Is an exclusive team: Yes
IRC: #sha2017-family
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 6
Current team size / amount of ppl: 3
Contact at projectleiding: User:rolfvandekrol
Backup Contact at projectleiding: User:Damnlie
Managed Vacancies:
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8 Team Members Family Village

Family Village

This is the organisation page for the Family Village for SHA2017. If you are looking for the visitor information, please click one of the options in the menu above. If you want to help making SHA2017 a wonderful, safe and educational experience for attendees under 16, please be welcome. We need you!

Planned location of the activities:

Letter to future Team Family

Team Family Village really enjoyed the event and wrote a letter to the future team Family to transfer some of the things we've done and learned. Since we don't know who will organise the event in 2021, we send it to the orga mailinglist and hope someone will remember and notify the future team. Additionally, if you are organizing an event that welcomes families, the information could also be valuable to you.


We have regular meetings where we discuss how thing are going in the organisation. If you want to help organising the Family Village, please be there. The meeting are held on Mumble.

Date & time Pad link Who will be there?
Mon, June 12 - 20:00 User:Sigyn, User:hvwees, add your name here
Mon, June 19 - 20:00 User:rolfvandekrol, User:lmstr, User:hvwees,User:Sigyn add your name here
Tue, June 27 - 20:00 User:rolfvandekrol,User:Sigyn, User:Carola, add your name here
Tue, July 4 - 21:00-22:00 User:Sigyn, add your name here
Tue, July 11 - 21:00-22:00 add your name here
Tue, July 18 - 21:00-22:00 User:rolfvandekrol, User:Sigyn, add your name here
Tue, July 25 - 21:00-22:00 User:rolfvandekrol, User:Sigyn, add your name here
Fri, July 28 - 21:00-22:00 User:Anykey, add your name here
Tue, August 1 - 21:00-22:00 User:rolfvandekrol, User:Sigyn, add your name here
Thu, August 4 - 10:30-11:30 Everbody on site



We have limited resources, so we prioritise based on (cumulative) comfort tiers. Start with tier 0 and work our way to tier 2.

Tier 0: Provide similar camping experience to the other camping grounds


  • Camping with babies and kids in family village is similar to camping anywhere else at SHA2017


What Status Who Notes
Plenty of toilets and showers close by Done User:Sigyn Attilla says: "showers are done. They will be on Wilson field"
Power everywhere Done User:lmstr
  • Team Power (benadski): "Yes, all of those fields will have ample of power! :) Enough to run all of the kitchen equipment you mentioned and more."
Networking (cabled) everywhere Done User:lmstr
  • Confirmed by Attilla, wireless and wired network will be available, People have to bring their own CAT cables (long ones preferably, additional switches to connect groups of tents).
  • HP 2824 switch for each large tent on Rhodes.
  • NOC layer on shows approximate Datenklo locations
Networking (wifi) everywhere Done User:lmstr
  • see above
DECT everywhere Done User:haakjes
  • Twi from team poc: There will be full DECT coverage on the way to the Babbage field
  • Twi from team poc: You get an extention number in a special 12xx range (and an alias number if desired e.g. FMLY/3659) and we can subscribe DECT phones to this number. If someone rings, one of the subscribers could answer to this call
  • FMLY/3659 is now reserved for Family Village call group
  • KIDS is also reserved for Family Village call groud
Plenty of garbage bins close by Done User:Sigyn

Answer from Team:Logistics/waste:

  • We plan to place a group of bins (240 liter 'kliko' rolcontainer) at the toilet-block on Wilson field
  • On the bin will be a label with a website (and QR code) to report how full the bin is.
  • When it's nearing full, or when we suspect it needs replacing: we will. If needed you could call DIRT (on DECT) for emergencies (the site is overflowing) or you could ask a volunteer to empty the bin and bring the bag to the waste-press at the foodcourt.
  • If needed, we have bins in reserve if the supplied quantity isn't enough to last you one day.
  • We only have one point at Clark field for the simple reason is that we need to reach each droppoint. Camping visitors are used to taking a short walk to get rid of their trash so this is the compromise we ask of each visitor.
  • Currently we haven't planned a set schedule yet, we will let you know.

Tier 1: Provide basic survival for camping with babies and kids


  • Family Village is a safe environment for babies and kids
  • Family Village provides the basic infrastructure for camping with babies and kids


What Status Who Notes
Contact Team:Entrance and Team:Infodesk to distribute child bracelets Done
  • User:haakjes sent email to entance and infodesk
  • We can put a small table with basket of bracelets and permanent markers (and scissors) near the entrance, people can help themselves
  • We can put a small basket, permanent markers, scissors in the infotent

Next step: buy that stuff

No other villages on the Rhodes and Wilson fields Done Contacted team:villages and team:terrain
Arrange angel shift in the morning to clean up Family Village Done User:lmstr we ask for 2 angels during day-time to be around on the field and help out with the workshops, terrain, bouncy castly, in generally walk around, make sure the field is cleared from stuff left my nightly visitors.
Signs signifying this is the family village Done User:Sigyn Ask Team:Decoratie? They mailed about signs/flags that are needed. Call Moem 28/6 to ask what is still possible to make for FV. Somewhere i saw a nice picture of the Family Village signs. I assume they are even more cool in real life :D
Drinking water and lemonade Done User:Sigyn Asked team bar. A tap point will be provided with pitchers. Todo: organise a hose from the tap to the tap point. Officially there will be no point available to get water from. We need to "hack" a waterhose and a good connection.
Update wiki [1] and [2] to better reflect this is family village Done User:haakjes
Quiet during the night (21:00 - 07:00) at the Wilson (sleeping) field Done Added to village rules. Will be difficult on the new location.
Ask parents to have a recent picture of their kid standby in case of missing kid scenario Done Added to village rules
Diaper disposition facility Done User:Sigyn Diaper bags and bins have been ordered by Sebastius via Logistics Shopping.

They will put the following text on the bins: "Diapers must be wrapped in plastic or else we'll send them of to DNA research and grow a clone".

2 Big tents with tables, chairs, power distribution and lighting for indoor playing, eating Done Tent is provided by organisation, Tables and Chairs are ordered. Emergency exit lights and fire extinguisher are provided.
Area is safe for kids Done Implicit in the village rules and setup of the village.
Outdoor space for outdoor playing Done All outdoor space activities are handled by projects
Shared refrigerator Done User:Sigyn Asked team bar
First Aid kit suited for babies, kids and parents Done User:Sigyn Team:Safety will provide some kids-kits
Text for booklet Done User:Sigyn


What Status Who Notes
Additional showers (babies and kids require more cleaning) Done Attilla says: "showers are done. They will be on Wilson field"
Ask for the camper spaces closest to the harbor for kids/family Done Campers at the village itself is impossible.
Dishwashing area Done Ask if it is included with the toilets. No, there are enough places on the field to clean your stuff.

Tier 2: Provide kids friendly environment with community projects


  • Community can create and organise the perfect experience


What Status Who Notes
Create workshop program pending User:Sigyn Contact with Team Content about proposals in Frab. Had contact, now moving on with filling the content. Please put the workshops also on a list in wiki, like the projects so all of us can find them. Would someone be so nice to make this? :))
Set up mail for team ticket Done User:fhp Set up mail to contact parents to help out the FV with projects / volunteering. Email is drafted, will be send 2017-07-21
Contact Team:Logistics regarding receiving orders Done User:fhp Follow instructions on this page. Contact Team:Logistics for large / strange packages.
Arrange projection and audio Done User:fhp Team productiehuis will arrange an AV setup for the workshop tent.
Blog posting about family village Done User:fhp In progress at [3]
Figure out our role for the workshops Done User:Sigyn We have to do everything regarding hosting (managing the workshop tent, welcoming the presentator, setting tables, etc). So we'll need some angels for that
Communicate moving both tents to Rhodes field Done User:fhp |
  • User:fhp contacts redlizard to update the map (done)
Remove moderation from mailing list Done User:Sigyn Contact Rolf. Rolf partly removed the moderation from the mailinglist for a reason.
Add commitments section to wiki Done User:haakjes Start with asking for 2 microwaves, 2 watercookers, chairs and couches for the chill out area (must be taken back unless you get permission from Logistics/Waste to leaving them)
Wiki setup similar to the CCC Camp Family Village wiki page that invites community to enter their own projects/events Done User:fhp Project setup is moved to main wiki.
Twitter account for communication Done User:lmstr Contact lmstr for access

Shopping List

What Status Who Notes
Stationary for making signs, notes (paper, markers, scissors, tape, ropes) Done User:Sigyn
Printers Done User:Sigyn Fish has A3 printers we might be able to borrow
Tools Rejected User:Sigyn
~400m Flatterband Todo Don't buy red/white which is used by Team:Safety
2x gaffer tape Done User:Carola
Toys for sandpit (unless included in sandpit delivery) Todo User:fhp handles sandpit order. Bought a bunch of toys at the action
Child wristband for telephone number Done User:Carola We bought 400 of these
Hose from the tap to the tap point. Postponed For the drinking water (probably going to do this during the event, when we know what we need exactly)
Cable ties (various lengths, can't have enough of this) Done User:Carola
10-20 power strips (the more sockets the better) with safety covers ("shutters") Done User:Carola
  • Ordered 20 power strips via logistics (Evert Jelle / Supermier)
DECT phones Done User:Carola Dect numbers and phones (2x) are arranged.
Order 40 tables (176x70) / 160 chairs Done User:Sigyn Added request to Table_order
emergency lights in the tents Done Provided with the tents
2 fire extinguishers in the tent (one each) Done Provided by Team:Safety
big pile of bandaids with nice pictures from aliexpress Done User:Sigyn Provided by Team:Safety
2x EHBO basics Done User:Sigyn Provided by Team:Safety