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1st line contacts: Sling
Does: Angelsystem, crew+volunteer food before/during/after the event, boarding of angels, angel communication pre- and onevent, enrollment of angels, motivating angels and taking care of angels. TLC!
Does not: Hurt small animals.
Is an exclusive team: Yes
IRC: #sha2017-volunteers-orga
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 1
Current team size / amount of ppl: 3
Contact at projectleiding: User:Attilla
Backup Contact at projectleiding: User:Stitch
Managed Vacancies: Wanted: Volunteer team member

Wanted: Heralding Angel(s)
You can add for your team on a page by adding: {{TeamVacancies|Volunteers}}

4 Team Members Volunteers


SHA2017 will not be possible without the help of many volunteers. These volunteers will be called angels. Angels do not organize themself. To take care of this sort of stuff, SHA2017 has a Team:Volunteers. The goal of this team is to match the demand of angels (from the other Teams) and the supply of angels, as closely as possible.

To accomplish this, our tasks are:

  • Motivating people to become an angel by means of effective communication/PR, before and during the event
  • Coordinating what teams need which angels, when and where
  • Registering angels and their jobs in the angelsystem
  • Tender loving care of these angels: food, a place to hang out, drinks and such

Things our team does not do:

  • Coordinate buildup or teardown

FAQ for SHA2017 organisation members

What should I do if I need volunteers for my team?

  1. Register yourself and your team members in the engelsystem at
  2. Think about what kind of volunteers you need (a.k.a. Angeltypes), how many of each on which day, how long the shifts should be (the default is 4 hours), an appealing description for potential angels (If you can't think of a nice description we will help you with this) and some other info as described in this template:
  3. Add your angeltypes to the wiki page
  4. Poke Sling / RalfK / leandra to add the angeltypes to the Engelsystem. If you need restricted angeltypes then we will add you and/or other members of your team as supporters for this angeltype, so you can confirm interested angels to be eligible for the shifts. We will also add shifttypes in the Engelsystem for your Angeltypes (administrative bla). For restricted angeltypes we will make sure the information about this is mentioned on the public wiki as well.
  5. If you want to add shifts yourself to the Engelsystem then we can give you extra permissions for this, but it's also possible to let us manage this for you (this will be the default option). To see how this is done, take a look at
  6. During the event: Tell visitors around you to register in the Engelsystem and sign up for your angeltypes and shifts! (We will also try to help with this obviously)

Note that if your team has shifts in the Engelsystem, your team lead will

What is this Engelsystem about and how does it work?


What services does your team provide for crew?

  • Volunteers (See first Question in this list)
  • Shelter (in Heaven, and in the crew field center under some cozy tarps)
  • Food (in Heaven)
  • Water (Heaven, and also all over the terrain)

I have other questions!

Most generic questions are here:

If you still have other questions then poke one of us on IRC (see contact methods somewhere else on this page ;))

Team structure & meetings

Want to join now or help out later? Contact Sling or one of the other team members!

Team lead Sling
Team members ralf (focus heaven), leandra (focus angel management)

IRC: freenode/#sha2017-volunteers-orga (for team / orga) and freenode/#sha2017-angel (for general discussion and angels)

Mailinglist: for orga and for angels and announcements.



We are using a Kanboard project to track our TODO's on a kanban board:


We have a sysadmin-supported Engelsystem running at: (or or

Role definitions


Term for anybody that signs up on the angelsystem for one or more volunteer shifts.


This term will not be used @ SHA, was 'deprecated' at CCC too.

Angel shift coordinator

This is a special shift in the angelsystem, which is about manning the Volunteer desk and performing these tasks:

  • Receiving any new angels that show up and setting them up with a badge, and information.
  • Making sure that all current shifts are fulfilled and alerting the team if this isn't the case.

Angeltypes per team

See Angeltypes


See Heaven

Angel food

See Food

Angel merchandise, PR-material

There will be T-shirts!

There will probably also be posters/flyers like the image on the right:

We Can Do It!.jpg

Angel rewards

We should have some sort of reward for completing shifts, for example a ticket or token that can be exchanged for using the volunteer kitchen and heaven facilities. If there is no access control on the massages or food then it will likely be overrun and not available to the people who really need it. These tickets could also be distributed trough the rest of the orga, for people that are not doing Angel shifts but are helping out otherwise.

Workforce planning

In order to size our facilities properly and make a decent planning, we will need to know numbers and facts. The table below describes the number of angels we are supposed to be able to handle on a given day.

Date Event Stage Crew (Est.) Angels (Est.)
Day -3 (mo jul 31) Buildup █ (10)  ?
Day -2 (tu aug 1) Buildup ██ (20)  ?
Day -1 (we aug 2) Buildup ████ (40)  ?
Day 0 (th aug 3) Buildup ██████████ (100)  ?
Day 1 (fr aug 4) Event ████████████████████ (200)  ?
Day 2 (sa aug 5) Event ████████████████████ (200)  ?
Day 3 (su aug 6) Event ████████████████████ (200)  ?
Day 4 (mo aug 7) Event ████████████████████ (200)  ?
Day 5 (tu aug 8) Event ████████████████████ (200)  ?
Day 6 (we aug 9) Teardown ██████████ (100)  ?
Day 7 (th aug 10) Teardown █████ (50)  ?
Day 8 (fr aug 11) Teardown ██ (20)  ?
Day 9 (sa aug 12) Teardown █ (10)  ?

NOTE: These numbers are wild mockup/guesstimates/fakes, do not use them for anything yet.

Early arriving angels

name in angelsystem arrival date
Obri 31.07.

Other resources

Stats from other events

32c3: ~2500 registered, ~1800 arrived, ~30 freeloaded shift(-hours)