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Being on a field for a long stretch requires preparation, especially when you're not used to an outdoor environment. The event wiki already gives tons of tricks and tips. The below list is more suitable for the orga.


  • Gather the list of things to bring below
  • Make sure to exercise a bit (walk, cycle, run, sport and other evil things)

Prepare for teams

  • Transport things on large wheels. You don't carry it yourself! - rolcontainers, CC containers, bolderwagens, trolleys, car, golfcart.
  • Ask On-site Logistics to transport (large) stuff for you (that's their reason to exist). Inform them if you have specific (time-based) needs.


The sun will shine bright during the day. There might be some rain or thunderstorms.

If you have more of these items, bring some for others too!

Item Why
Sunscreen Sun protection
After Sun Sun protection
(Baseball) Cap or hat Sun protection
Raincoat Rain protection
Boots Rain protection
Medication If you are using medication please bring your medication
S-Class workshoes (info) - Rough buildup protection
DECT phone (GAP-compatible) Be reachable on-site
Phone battery charger Staying available during the day
A transport medium (bike, car, etc) Walking all day will burn you in a few days
Insect repellent keep the bugs away
Earplugs Sleep when noisy
Eye patch Sleep longer in the morning (arrr)
Water bottle Dehydration hurts, drink more water!
Trolley Move stuff to and from the parkinglot - drive your car during buildup and teardown


  • Drink more water(!)
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Take breaks
    • Take turns when taking small breaks
    • Find a quiet spot
  • Check yourself for ticks & Do ask others to check the difficult spots for you.
  • Know where your towel is


At the site you'll get a High Viz jacket. Please wear it to be recognizable to others.


Plan during the event: make sure you have enough "off" time, for example two days of enjoying the event by itself.


Learn to ask for help at the event, you can ask bystanders and campers to lend a hand or to do a task together. If you need something (pencil, crowbar, cordless drill, ducttape, ladder, ...), try Logistics ("LHQ"); the warehouse may have it.