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Projects: Website +Everything about sha2017 website.  +
Projects:AlternativePowerNetwork +Build an alternative power network (42VDC)  +
Projects:Badge +Design an awesome badge  +
Projects:Flyingcircus +Organise the Flying Circus  +
Projects:SHArterzug +To rent a train picking up participants of SHA 2017 within Germany. (And bring them back again, of course) The project is still in a very early planning stage.  +
Projects:Safe Harbour +Wet things  +
Team:Bar +Plans, organizes and runs the SHA2017 bars. Investigates needed licenses and permissions and gets those.  +
Team:Cohesion +We are the dedicated support team for Code of Conduct matters, safe spaces, and conflict resolution.  +
Team:Content +Curates the programme, from managing the CfP to setting up the schedule.  +
Team:Content/Heralds +Introduce the speakers on stage.  +
Team:Content/Speakerdesk +Registers Speakers at the event and does its best to take care of their presentation needs.  +
Team:Decoratie + * The design language and visual style of the physical part of the event * Street indication (follow the lights) * Field names / signs * Main gate (+lights) * Large-ish decor pieces throughout the terrain * Art-net infra + operation center * Renting/buying data cables and equipment for our team * Build the analog decoration (preferably before the event starts)   +
Team:Design +Designs an allover visual style for the event. This style can be used in print, on the website and on the terrain.  +
Team:DramaOperationCenter +Delivering as not promised  +
Team:Family Village +Organises the Family Village, aimed mostly at the younger visitors. Organises activities for these visitors, talks to other teams about possibilities.  +
Team:Finance +Handling declarations Budget management Administration of selling tickets and "on terrain currency" (shops etc) Basic accountancy, outsourcing the nitty gritty Giving financial advice to teams on request Paying invoices (via treasurer)  +
Team:Foodcourt and vendors +Contact food vendors, makes sure they deliver food and perks.  +
Team:Info +Lead-up: * Content * Beating the drums (with communications) * Finding answers and answering questions (in that order, preferably) Event: * Smiling at visitors from behind the infodesk * Routing people, welcoming them, handing out booklets (with Ticket?) * Answering questions * Giving information you didn't know you needed All communications * Press (as as sub-team): accredits journalists, supervises their visit and gives interviews (Volkorn) * External communication: facilitates communication of the SHA.org team to the outside, provides all the information a visitor, speaker, journalist or volunteer would need to get started (in collaboration with Team Content, Team Infodesk and Team Volunteer) * Internal communication/Promotion (we are looking for ppl. here. Maybe Marjolijstje could pick this up) See: Team:Infodesk/Planning  +
Team:Logistics +Move stuff around for other teams, accept mail/packages for villages, operate radio comms, shuttle service  +
Team:Logistics/Off-site +Off-site transport for teams  +
Team:Logistics/On-site +Arrange all '''On-site''' logistics of goods for other teams.  +
Team:Logistics/ROC +Portable Radios (Professional Walkie Talkies)  +
Team:Logistics/Shopping +Small/generic stuff  +
Team:Logistics/Shuttle +Transport self-loading cargo to and from the field  +
Team:Logistics/Warehouse +Small scale on-site storage facility for teams  +