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1st line contacts: Kartoffel
Does: Design an awesome badge
Does not:
IRC: #sha2017-badge
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 3
Current project size / amount of ppl: 8
Contact at projectleiding: User:Damnlie

Read for general and sponsorship information.


We want to make an awesome badge.

We have an irc channel at #sha2017-badge and #sha2017-badge-dev on freenode and a mailing list at

Current team members:

  • Kartoffel
  • Sebastius
  • tsd
  • Sprite_TM
  • Underhand
  • MarkusBec
  • Roosted
  • the_JinX
  • realitygaps
  • raboof


  • Order parts
  • Assemble badges (done by assembly house in China)
  • Designing and ordering flyers
  • Send infodesk content for booklet
  • Contact logistics with weight/volume to transport badges from The Hague to event
  • Bagging badges with displays, batteries, etc.
  • Build 10/20-fold flashing station for badges

In progress

  • Finish factory FW
  • Assembling 5 more rev1.0.0 boards for development
  • Arranging assembly
  • Sourcing lanyards / bags / sticky pads / ...
  • µGFX support for the display
  • Micropython hooks for hardware drivers & µGFX


  • Three prototype runs
  • Finish BOM
  • Order batteries
  • Order displays
  • Sourcing parts
  • Hardware drivers in C


May / June

  • May 27-28: Hekketon @ revspace


  • June 3/4: Factory firmware done (basic downloading, small eink status message 'updating')


  • ESP modules and last parts arrive at assembler
  • Start assembly

Mid to end of June

  • Finish assembly


  • Receive badges
  • Bagging badges
  • July 8/9: Switch to emergency mode (everything in C)
  • July 29/30: Move hardware to SHA Storage


  • August 4: Handing out badges to visitors
  • August 8: End of event


The badge should first and foremost function as a badge. A digital name tag that functions in direct sunlight at an outdoor summer event as well as at night in a barely lit tent.

The idea is that everyone gets a badge that is primarily useful during the event, and also fun and easy to tinker with. The badge will be able to display information like a talk schedule, fahrplan, angel shifts.

In list form:

  • Provide information during the event
  • Talk schedule + fahrplan
  • Angel shift information
  • Information on places (tracks, villages) you're near
  • Live subtitles/translations of talks!


  • Embedded hardware programmer to help us:
    • Write hardware drivers for the e-paper / touch / peripherals in C
    • Link these libraries to MicroPython


The badge will have:

  • ESP32 WROOM module
  • DEPG0290B01 2.9" e-paper display (296x128)
  • MPR121 I2C Capacitive touch + GPIO controller
  • CP2102 USB UART datasheet
  • TP4056 Battery charger
    • Up/Down/Left/Right/Select/Start/A/B capacitive touch buttons for input
  • A 1000mAh battery to last at least a day
  • A pager motor for notifications


Current issues

Time . . and money