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1st line contacts: Benadski
Does: Build an alternative power network (42VDC)
Does not:
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IRC: #altpwr
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 10
Current project size / amount of ppl: 0
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It's cool, energetic, hot, solar, green, high-tech, hexagonical, DC, futuristic and more if YOU join us! :)

Important message: It will be a bit smaller than our first design, if you like to join, be quick to decide!

Main page:


  • The alternative power network is a FREE addition to the event! Just let us know you are participating!
  • Single users can get a 4A (36-48V) connection to the grid
  • Villages can get one or two 16A (36-48V) connection(s).
  • You can upload and download energy! Bring power generating stuff! Check ideas!
  • Using DC-DC converters or DC-AC inverters you can connect almost anything!

What do you need:

  • An "extension cord" to connect your tent/village to a node. Bring 25m 2.5mm2 for a 4A connection or 6mm2 for a 16A connection.
  • Electronic switches to turn things on/off, don't use mechanical switches only, they would burn out!
  • Alternatively, use plugs instead of electronic switches
  • DC-DC converters for your laptop/lights/energy generator/continuum transfunctioner/etc. See

How to connect:

  • First of all, YOU MUST sign up, there are just 25 connections available and over 5000 people visiting SHA2017. Use the mailinglist or signupATaltpwrDOTnet
  • Roll out your cable to the nearest node and press the "HELP" button on the cabinet. Someone will help you soon.

Contact us!

  • IRC: #altpwr (freenode)