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Safe Harbour
1st line contacts: Brenno, the_JinX
Does: Wet things
Does not: Dry things
IRC: #sha2017harbour
Needed resources:
  • boats
Vacancies: 0
Current project size / amount of ppl: 0
Contact at projectleiding: User:Brenno

Because sometimes, you need a bigger boat


We have a harbour, we need to use it responsibly. Team Safe Harbour (also knows as Safe Harbour Authority - and you WILL RESPECT IT) aims to provide all the facilities and safety a port needs.

To have a hacker flotilla village of at-least 42 boats for hackers to live and sleep on during the event.

Safe Harbour Ahoy!


Harbour Master: Brenno

Pilot: the_JinX


Once the event starts we will also be a Village. The will be laughter, there will be tears. And lots of good food & drinks. No loud music after 22:00 though. The Safe harbour is safely quiet because Captains need their sleep.


  • the SHA-terrain is located on the portside of buoy NN19 (lat/long :52 16.9609 N 32.2553 E)
  • sailing vessels that cannot cross the Stichtsebrug / Hollandse brug need to chose a route through the Ketelmeer and the Roggebotsluis, crossing the Elburgerbrug. Coming from the North, the Elburgerbrug is the last lock that you need to take into account when calculating your route. It can be busy during the summer holidays and the bridges and locks are operated ma-fr (06:00-22:00), sa (07:00-19:00), su (09:00-19:00). This route is approximately 30 miles, calculated from the Ketelbrug.


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