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1sand0s +@1sand0s  +
Aliekens +The Open Garage hackerspace, near Antwerp, is in my backyard. Organized Fri3d Camp in 2014 and 2016, a family-friendly Flemish hackercamp, with 300 attendees. Have been going to camps since ~2000, organizing the Nerdhero and Open Garage villages and will be the contact for the Fri3d Camp village, helping out with the Belgian invasion.  +
Anus +Sinds 2001 in the scene since 2009 doing orga things . .  +
Aramosorg +Roadsec, Mind The Sec and Sacicon organizer, trying to create a Brazilian Village at SHA2017  +
Area42 +Builder of big flaming things/Mad Scientist  +
Askarel +Just a belgian evil garden gn'OHM herder  +
Becha +https://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/User:Becha  +
Benadski +I'm an electronics engineer. I have been working as a technician in an amusement park. Now working for a Dutch waterboard, building software for pumping stations and weirs. Big stuff that keeps the country moist but not too wet. :) I have >10 years experience with building, debugging and operating electronics of large outdoor machines (rollercoasters and such). I have a lot of experience in the PELV area. That's why I started https://www.altpwr.net (a large DC power grid for SHA2017) I lack experience with large diesel generators, that I like to learn. I own a Gossen Metrawatt PROFITEST 2 that can be used at the event.  +
Bigred +visited the big Dutch hacker events since HIP97. A-V team member at OHM2013.  +
Bitlair.nl-stijn +Ocasionally does stuff!  +
Boekenwuurm +All round geek.  +
Brabo +wandering the earth  +
Byterazor +Veteran Nerd living in Geraffel-Village and playing with FPGAs and Linux.  +
CTO +Chief Trolling Officer  +
Casdr +Redhead that has no idea what he's doing  +
Chewie +IT Contractor, interested in Renewable Energy and all things OSS.  +
Claudia +Also, team Design and website desing  +
DWizzy +I've been around before. Most who know me, know me as DWizzy with long hair. Now that I have a serious job (har har) some might also know me as Joris without hair - or that guy who's sometimes too busy for fun. I haven't been at OHM (woe me), I have been helping with HAR (mainly bar team), WTH (infodesk/core) and HAL. At other festivals, I was backstage manager or infodesk/volunteer coordinator. I'm with scouting, have my Dutch certificate for managing bars/restaurants (Sociale Hygiëne) and am a consultant in government, enterprise architecture and knowledge management.  +
Dalsmo +Studied engineering physics and did lots of electronics/making on the side. Love Arduino and high level programming. So don't ask me how long my arrays are, because I not know and thay are usually long enought. Check out further antics at www.swagverket.se  +
Damnlie +https://nl.linkedin.com/in/melinda-kiss-bb605823  +
Derchris +I do g33k stuff  +
Dvanzuijlekom +Mindless jerk who was the first against the wall when the revolution came.  +
ELMo +_eLMo_ nieuwe schoenen!  +
Edkikkert +I'm Electrical engineer and electrical representative (Installatie verantwoordelijke LS) with main focus on electrical distribution and safely work, inspections and changes on the installations. In my free time i'm a open-source and open-hardware geek who likes all sorts of small network and prototyping platforms like arduino, rapsberry pi, pc engines, soekris etc. The OS i prefer is FreeBSD but also Linux is i like to use. As Volunteer i work at FabLab Zeeland where we are designing and building a 3d printer (70x50x50cm) with four print heads that can be used at the same time (Kraken printhead). For the Wireless Leiden foundation i am a volunteer as network administrator for the public free wireless Nodes located in the City Leiden and surroundings.  +
Erik.tews +Currently a lecturer at the University of Birmingham and a long term hacker camp participant since the first chaos communication camp.  +