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Team: Projectleiding
Role: the devil's advocate
HackerSpace: Techinc, LAG, Ijhack
IRC Nick: damnlie


I was working in communication team and also volunteered for other events like (CCC's, FOSDEM, Perl Mongers etc). I'm working at the moment in a small consultancy company. I'm (was) not involved in any government activity/organizations etc. (do we count disaster recovery training from young age in here?)

In young age I started disassemble computers and other electronic devices, it made my parents very happy. I like to think out of the box. I also like to play around with electronic gadgets, robots and 'AI's.

The things what you might not gona like about me. I'm the devil's advocate :) Coins has 2 sides and I like to see them both. :)


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