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Team: Power
HackerSpace: FabLab Zeeland
IRC Nick: edkikkert
Biography: I'm Electrical engineer and electrical representative (Installatie verantwoordelijke LS) with main focus on electrical distribution and safely work, inspections and changes on the installations.

In my free time i'm a open-source and open-hardware geek who likes all sorts of small network and prototyping platforms like arduino, rapsberry pi, pc engines, soekris etc. The OS i prefer is FreeBSD but also Linux is i like to use.

As Volunteer i work at FabLab Zeeland where we are designing and building a 3d printer (70x50x50cm) with four print heads that can be used at the same time (Kraken printhead). For the Wireless Leiden foundation i am a volunteer as network administrator for the public free wireless Nodes located in the City Leiden and surroundings.

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