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Food. There will be no event, if there is no good food during buildup. And there will be no angels during the event, if they got nothing to eat.


The demand for food varies from about 10 meals the first and last day to maybe up to 1000 during the event, Angels with 4h-shifts who are working during regular food distibution or angels with shifts at night must have the possibility to eat during/after their shift.

These requirements can be met with this setup:

  • One cooking crew during buildup until day -2 or -1 and during teardown from day 5 or day 6 until end, making breakfast, lunch and dinner for 20 to 120 people.
  • A second cooking crew from day -1 or day 0 until one or two days after the event, making breakfast, lunch and dinner for 500 and more people.
  • A small crew (angels) providing snacks and sandwiches (may include delivery) during times when the professional food distribution is closed


  • food tent
    • tent will be used by both crews. As usage is overlapping, we need more space than for just one crew.
    • tent must be always reachable by truck
    • different areas, that have to be seperated
      • preparing
      • cooking lunch/dinner
      • nightfood/breakfast
      • dishwashing
  • place for eating
  • refrigerated sea container, reachable by truck
  • power
  • water (drinking water quality)
  • sewage


  • the fabulous EMF-crew for buildup and teardown
  • the Mecklenbörger-crew during the event
  • many angels as helpers
  • food tent with 240 sqm, big enough for cooking and eating
  • tent located near water-/sewage-connection
  • food-purchase via onlineshops from wholesale markets including on-site delivery
  • reefer (20 foot) for cool storage


Final dates for food support @ SHA:

29. Juli foodsupport starting with lunch
2. or 3. Aug. Switch to Mecklenbörger crew
9. or 10. Aug. Switch back to EMF food crew
11. Aug. foodsupport ending with dinner


See here

Legal regulations

Cooking crews need to follow either the HACCP or the hygenecode.

Quote from EMF crew: "we do not have a HACCP certificate, however we are fully trained in food Health and Safety from kitchen experience."

From EMF2016: kitchen equipment hire was GBP 1261 / 1500 EUR, food costs GBP 2786 / ~3300 EUR (food was just during buildup, ~50-100 people, info from WillH, will get more detailed info from SamLR