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Team Volunteers (home)


Heaven is not just one tent, where there will be registration and management of angels and their shifts and something to eat. Heaven has to be more. A nice and cozy place to live and stay.


Heaven should be more like a village with:

  • A kitchen
  • A (different) place to eat
    • see Food for further information
  • A Hackcenter
    • food tent can be used, if big enough
  • Kind of lounge for relaxing
    • Awning, wood, carpets, pillows
  • Campfire site!!!1
  • A small bar (with cheaper prices / pagoda tent?)
    • No party area. Angels need their rest. the area with the tents should be quiet after midnight.
  • Place for tents (angels, crew)
  • Really nice lighting/deko
  • Entertainment for example hacking quests)
  • Special services (like massage)
  • Toilets and showers nearby, cleaned at least daily

Crew area

Actual plans consider putting heaven and crew area on the same field. In that case, merging all together should be a good idea.

  • Portocabins as office or storage-location are needed
  • All facilities should be planed a bit larger
  • Might increase the attractivity of voluneering

Open issues

-- Ordering reefer
-- making detailed layout for food tent including partitioning
-- checking requirements of the two food crews
-- how can we make the lounge area more beautifull (deck chairs, hammocks)?
-- nerd entertainment?
-- planing illumination of loung area, wood and food tent
-- providing network and power in lounge area and food tent
-- angel-/crew-bar (yes/no)


Who What Deadline Done
Sling, Stijn Discuss heaven location with Atilla 26 Nov. Jan. 2017
Sling, Stijn Presentation of heaven concept at orga-meeting 24 Sep. 24 Sep.
- Waiting for campfire approval by team safety 30 Jun.
Sling, Stijn Contact Atilla to discuss location 14 Nov. 21 Nov.
Ralf Requesting campfire approval by team safety 30 Sep. 13 Sep.
Ralf First contact with team decoratie concerning lounge 30 Sep. 22 Aug.

Relations to other teams

  • Team Bar, for the lovely small bar in heaven
  • Team Decoratie, for a nice lounge and lighting
  • Team Infrastructure, for all the tents
  • Team Projectleiding, for agreements in the field-layout
  • Team Villages, for power, water, sewage


One of thousand possible plans:

crew area

A Tent for angel registration and management, POC, infodesk (12m x 6m)
reefer (cooling container, 40 ft), easy reachable from main street, but not directly at main street
food tent, with kitchen inside, 240 m2, kitchen entrance right, user entrance left. Short distance to utility building needed.
portacabins, 20 ft. sized
toilets and showers directly beside utility building
tarp, sized 12m x 12m


28. Juli buildup cooking and eating tent
29. Juli first day of angel-/crew-foodsupport
29. Juli buildup lounge starting
31. Juli lounge and (in the evening) bar starting
2. Aug. first day of second food crew
10. Aug. last day of second food crew
13. Aug. last day of angel-/crew-foodsupport
14. Aug. teardown heaven


  • It is unpredictable, how much angels are deeply involved in their villages and how many angels will accept the heaven-offers like lounge/bar.
  • Since the number of angels is increasing up to several hundreds, cadgers/freeloaders appear. There is no solution till now, how to deal with them, but it has to be thought about access restriction to (parts of) heaven.