SHA2017 orga meeting 20160430

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SHA2017 orga meeting 20160430
Name Orga Meeting
StartDate 2016/04/30 02:00:00 PM
EndDate 2016/04/30 5:30:00 PM
Where The Chapel, Koningsweg 31a, 6816 TG Arnhem, The Netherlands
The chapel where we meet, next to the Hack42 hackerspace in Arnhem.
The chapel is located next to this ridiculously visible white building alongside the road.


ThinkBook:~ user$ cat .nfo
- What: SHA Orga Meeting April 2016
- Who: everybody involved in organizing SHA2017
- When: 20160430, Door open 12:00, start of meeting 14:00
- Where: The Chapel, Koningsweg 31a, 6816 TG Arnhem, The Netherlands
- Why: because we can
- How: green terminals everywhere!
- Notes:

ThinkBook:~ user$ \o/

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ThinkBook:~ user$

Previous meeting:


To be determ~1.ine

10:00 Open Doors 12:00 start

More details to come in the next 2 days.


  1. Gameoflife.png Nickname:

    HackerSpace: Pixelbar

    Village: Village:milliways

  2. Gameoflife.png jelena_balccon Nickname: jelena_balccon

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Village: Village:Balkan village

  3. Gameoflife.png pietdv Nickname: pietdv

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

  4. User 1sand0s Picture.jpg 1sand0s Nickname: 1sand0s

    Role: flinger of 1's and 0's

    HackerSpace: RandomData

  5. User Stitch Picture.jpg Stitch Nickname: Stitch

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Role: He who walks behind the rows

    HackerSpace: Hack42 (NL), AwesomeSpace (NL), RandomData (NL)

    Dect: 5717

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  7. Gameoflife.png Dave_o Nickname: Dave_o

    Team: Team:Productiehuis

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

    Dect: DAVE (3283) ?

  8. User Knorrie Picture.jpg Knorrie Nickname: Knorrie

    Team: Team:Logistics

    Role: T34‖\/‖733T

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

    Village: Village:Mononoke

    Dect: KNOR (5667)

  9. User Manduca Picture.jpg Manduca Nickname: Manduca

    Team: Team:Logistics

    Role: Team Lead

    Dect: 3882

  10. User Damnlie Picture.jpg Damnlie Nickname: Damnlie

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Role: the devil's advocate

    HackerSpace: Techinc, LAG, Ijhack

  11. Gameoflife.png Themba Nickname: Themba

    Team: Team:DECO

    HackerSpace: RandomData

  12. User Claudia Picture.jpg Claudia Nickname: Claudia

    Team: Team:Content

    Role: Co-Lead

    Village: Village:HackFaction

  13. Gameoflife.png Walter Nickname: Walter

    Team: Team:Content

    Role: Team Member

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

  14. Gameoflife.png Benadski Nickname: Benadski

    Team: Team:Power

    Role: Powercycler

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

    Village: Village:tbd

  15. User Timo Picture.jpg timo Nickname: timo

    Team: Team:Infrastructure

    Role: Team lead Power

  16. User Polyfloyd Picture.jpg polyfloyd Nickname: polyfloyd

    Team: Team:Decoratie

    Role: Team Lead

    HackerSpace: Bitlair

  17. Gameoflife.png dvanzuijlekom Nickname: dvanzuijlekom

    HackerSpace: Hack42 (NL)

  18. Gameoflife.png Eightdot Nickname: Eightdot

    Dect: 8368 (8dot) /

  19. Gameoflife.png Juerd Nickname: Juerd

    Team: Team:Logistics

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

  20. Gameoflife.png Attilla Nickname: Attilla

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

  21. User Cooper Picture.jpg Cooper Nickname: Cooper

    Team: Team:Productiehuis

  22. Gameoflife.png Bart Nickname: Bart

    + Sister
  23. Gameoflife.png MishMash Nickname: MishMash

    Team: Team:NOC

  24. Gameoflife.png webmind Nickname: webmind

    Team: Team:Villages

    Village: Village:Anarchist

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  26. Gameoflife.png Twi Nickname: Twi

    Team: Team:POC

    Role: Team Lead

    HackerSpace: Entropia (CCC Karlsruhe), Stratum 0, Westwoodlabs

    Village: Village:Entropolis

    Dect: 8940

  27. herrbett
  28. Joepie91
  29. add your name
  1. Gameoflife.png SA007 Nickname: SA007

    Team: Team:Decoratie

  2. User Shodan Picture.jpg Shodan Nickname: Shodan

  3. Gameoflife.png FeLiX Nickname: FeLiX

  4. add your name!

need sleeping place

Some people come long distance, so driving back on the same day is not an option. Please add your name here so we can calculate that. People who need a sleeping place please add here:

  1. papillon
  2. deborah + 2
  3. guide (not necessarily, depending on the agenda/schedule)
  4. Twi
  5. herrbett