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  • Nederlands
Team: Logistics
Role: Team Lead
  • manduca at sha2017 dot org
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Biography: Jeroen de Meijer ( "WTH certified dumpster diver" )

Currently work for Wigo4it as a Security Architect. Note: Wigo4it is a governmental cooperation of the social security departments of the four largest cites in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht). The cooperation enables the cities to take care of the bottom of society. And my job is basically to keep their privacy and information save.

  • HIP: Just visiting
  • HAL: Member of Field Head Quarters (FHQ)
  • WTH: FHQ team, Security, Transport. But functioned mostly as a general help, and organized the garbage shifts (don't know how that happened. It wasn't my plan when I came to WTH to be knee deep in garbage everyday, but somebody had to do it :-) ).
  • HAR: Team lead Logistics. Also organized all shuttle services.
  • OHM: Team lead logistics again. Forklift driver
  • SHA: And Team lead logistics again again. Telehandler drivers
Dect: 3882
  • B


Team lead logistics, with specialization on-site logistics. You'll find me driving a telehandler :). Manducutoe is back!

Special skills:

  1. Qualified EHBO
  2. Safely working at height (Climbing instructor)
  3. Cleared for working with small children (VOG)
  4. Licensed forklift and telehandler driver