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Team:Content#Deadline-2016/08/01 +Call for Participation  +
Team:Foodcourt and vendors#Deadline-2016/11/01 +Informed the (most) vendors about the schedule.  +
Team:Foodcourt and vendors#Deadline-2016/10/01 +Numbers ready (amount of food sales, things to take to vendors)  +
Team:Foodcourt and vendors#Deadline-2017/01/01 +Contact all the possible vendors  +
Team:Foodcourt and vendors#Deadline-2017/05/01 +Contracts ready with all the vendors  +
Team:Infodesk/Planning#Deadline-2016/04/30 +First plan - mainly with scope.  +
Team:Productiehuis#Deadline-2017/02/01 +point of no return (order list finalized)  +
Team:Productiehuis#Deadline-2016/10/01 +size and dimensions of the event must be clear.  +
Team:Villages#Deadline-2017/08/01 +Day -2  +