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Things to do (and when)

Before Save the Date

  • Initial website (wiki) (with: communication; design; sysop)
  • team mailinglist
  • team roles, tasks, and planning
  • Social media:
    • Claiming channels
    • Redirecting to wiki
    • sporadic announcement
    • responding to replies on social media
  • Responding to 'outside' questions (mail, social media): answering known questions, redirecting when needed
  • team filestorage
  • SHA wiki information architecture (with infra, communication, ?)

Before ticketsales (2017-01-01?)

  • Wiki/info content:
    • Infodesk/FAQ
    • Dates (what happens when)
    • Information about volunteering
    • 'job list' for specialists?
    • Information on how to get there
    • Information for other teams: how we communicate, what infrastructure we use
  • Social media
    • 'branding' (logo etc.)
    • policy (with communication)
  • helpdesk ticketing system (Linux trackers)
    • Knowledge system (FAQ, including standard customisable replies to frequently sent requests like visa)
    • Escalation system
  • team IRC channel
  • wiki usage tracking (Piwik for on-site metrics about popular pages and sources, Google search console for used keywords?)

Before event

  • Booklets (with communication; design)
  • Physical infodesk
    • probably one 'island' together with a front-office for Logistics, NOC, POC
  • Full Infodesk/FAQ

At event

  • Getting people where they need to be; parking?
    • Welcoming people together with Tickets & Entrance. Handing out booklets.
    • Routing volunteers to Volunteers
    • Routing press to our press area
    • Assemble a knowledgebase (based on questions and presumed questions)
  • trying to accommodate simple needs (who accommodates more complex needs?)



  • 25hr/month for responding to questions (june 2016-februari 2017)
  • 45hr/month for responding to even more questions (march 2017 - august 2017)
  • 25hr/month for planning the event
  • 20hr/month for collecting information from other teams
  • ~60hr of beautiful design (perhaps by someone from Team:DECO)?
  • ~45 shifts of 3.5 to 4 hours during the week itself (assuming build-up needs one spot during the day), and about 10 full shifts for infodesk core
  • 25 shifts of 5 hours for press handling



2016/04/30 - First plan - mainly with scope.