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Projects: Website +If you are a talented web-designer and not afraid to use "twig" please contact us. :)  +
Projects:Safe Harbour +https://safeharbour2017.nl/  +
Team:Bar +Ask denz to be included in the Whatsapp group  +
Team:Content +We're a complete team now. Other teams dealing with speaker-support during SHA still need a lot of help. If you want to be lead-content for your village contact us and we'll give you acces to the content-planning application.  +
Team:Logistics/ROC +COMM (2666)  +
Team:Productiehuis +Made up of voc, a/v, stage, and other teams  +
Team:Terrain +We are looking for a teardown coordinator and on the field (very early) a lot of hands!  +
Ticket and Entrance +Started the team in fall 2016.  +