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|Name=Badge Sweatshop
|Name=Badge Sweatshop
|StartDate=2017/07/15 12:00:00 AM
|StartDate=2017/07/15 12:00:00 AM
|EndDate=2017/07/15 22:00:00 PM
|EndDate=2017/07/15 10:00:00 PM
|Where=RevSpace, Overgoo 1, 2266 JZ  Leidschendam
|Where=RevSpace, Overgoo 1, 2266 JZ  Leidschendam

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Name Badge Sweatshop
StartDate 2017/07/15 12:00:00 AM
EndDate 2017/07/15 10:00:00 PM
Where RevSpace, Overgoo 1, 2266 JZ Leidschendam

Badge Sweatshop

Parts are almost in, we need to assemble badge kits for all our visitors. We are assembling around 4k kits, maybe more, maybe less. To do so, we are organizing a sweatshop for our wonderful volunteers.


We are planning the sweatshop for the 15th and 16th of July, with the 15th as our main date and we hope not to need the 16th.

We start at 12.00, doors will be open from 11.00. If you're a late arrival we can still use you as a relief for a tired hacker. Please sign up!

We estimate assembling a badge will take approximately 2 minutes (might get faster). With a group of 20 people that comes down to around 8 hours of labour. Yeah, we need your help.

The Sweatshop list

We need your help, please sign up on the list below. We will provide dinner, please let us know in the table below if you have special dietary requirements.

July 15

Name Allergies/Vega(n)? Comments
Sebastius - Will arrive early to set up
Anus Cheezy things Will be there . .
Kartoffel Will arrive 10/11-ish
You? choose

July 16 will appear if we do not get enough people for 15 to finish the job.


Each station will get a buffer so hopefully no-one has to wait on the other. Procedures will be written here later on and are available at each station.

  • Unpack badgeboards (10s)
  • Connect display (20s)
  • Flash board & test (30s)
  • Add gluedots and mount display (10s)
  • Pack badge in ESD bag (10s)
  • Seal ESD bag (10s)
  • Fill badge kit with (20s)
    • Flyer
    • Badge
    • Battery
    • Loop and hook pad
    • Lanyard
    • Stickers
    • Motor
    • LEDs
  • Final check (weight?) (10s)