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Name Badge Sweatshop
StartDate 2017/07/29 12:00:00 AM
EndDate 2017/07/29 10:00:00 PM
Where RevSpace, Overgoo 1, 2266 JZ Leidschendam

The Sweatshop 4

The packaging and rework-sweatshop. Reworking 1.2k~2k boards for the good of all of us. We need soldering (demi)gods and some hands to pack/unpack/help out.

We need your help, please sign up on the list below. We will provide snacks and drinks. No wiki account? Email to badge at or badge at

We also have 1.5K boards in house. We would like to do a sweatshop and assemble the badges, give them software and put them in a kit.

July 29

Soldering team

Name Comments
Anus Will arrive early (friday) to set up
Ranzbak Will come with magnifier and other tools
DiffZ Wise person from the east
cmpxchg bringing stereo microscope and soldering iron
a hacker From that there TechInc (hopefully) bringing nice soldering iron
Sebastius Just because i love soldering ;) Bringing Weller + Stereo microscope
Roosted Won't make it too late..

Packaging sweatshop

Name Comments
Kartoffel Ich bin der Kartoffel
raboof room for 2 more carpoolers. ~9:30 Deventer, ~10:30 SHA terrain, ~11:30 RevSpace. Leaving early (~15:00)
Wido Coming in from Wageningen, has room for 3 more.

Ergonomy/planning for sweatshop 2, 3 and 4

These plans are preliminary and will be finalised before badge-day.


  • Unpacking boards and Connecting display
  • Flashing FW (2 ppl)
  • Applying gluedots (3 ppl)
  • Packing boards and inserting into kits
  • Supplying boards/displays, kits and moving filled SAMLA crates

Desks are too low to do work standing up for most stations.

Ergonomy for sweatshop 1

A test run was done on 8 July, to ergonomically optimize the workflow.


  • Table height is too low. A 45 liter samla turned upside down provides the right amount of elevation, shorter and taller people can still use it.
  • The narrow gutter between the samlas and the side of the table, can be used for buffers
  • Even the smallest samla box is too big for the LEDs and the motor; small 1-person lasagne dishes work well
  • The smallest samla is perfect for keeping filled bags upright
  • We have determined which scoop is the best for gathering components and bought a few of those
  • Two people per gathering station works best:
    • Left operator does the larger items:
      • Grab ziplock bag with left hand
      • Grab spam and flyer with right hand, put into bag held in left hand
      • Grab lanyard with right hand, use both hands to compress, put into bag
      • Leave bag on the table (buffer)
    • Right operator does the smaller items:
      • Hold scoop in right hand
      • Pick up from right to left, using left hand: hook piece, loop piece, LEDs, motor, battery
      • Put right thumb on battery to keep everything in the scoop
      • Grab bag from the table (prepared by left operator) with left hand
      • While dropping contents from scoop with the right hand, put bag upright into small samla
      • Don't close the bag!
    • Reverse right and left on the opposite side of the table in case both are left-handed
  • You need a dedicated runner to take care of:
    • Replenishing stock
    • Pre-opening ziplock bags if time permits (this makes the "left operator"'s job much easier!)
    • Moving finished bags from small samlas to cardboard boxes

Each kit takes 24 seconds to complete, so if we calculate 30 seconds per kit per person, at 4000 kits we need 120.000 manseconds = 33 manhours of labour. Assuming 12 people working and two tending supplies and moving stuff the job will be done in approximately 3 hours.