Meeting Communications 20160915 Mumble

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Meeting Communications 20160915 Mumble
Team Communications
Start At 2016/09/15 19:00:00 - 2016/09/15 20:00:00
Where Mumble
Main Subjects
  • Setup of news and
  • Status of creating press materials
Organizer User:vollkorn



New Members

  • Marjolijstje and IJskimo took over from Brenno. On the paper they're the team leads.
  • Both are journalists with years of experience in communication, working for (half-)governmental organizations


  • zeno is responsible for
    • Meaning he'll make sure the webpage is in proper order regarding content.
  • we have facebook and twitter. marjolein and zeno have access. See our team page for details

Press contact and list

  • Dennis has a response from the sysadmin team
    • zeno, hoverbear, vollkorn, ijskmo, marjolein need to sign in at
    • Dennis continues to take care to get access to the press queue and a mailing list set up for updating journalists

Press Material

We could use something we can hand interested journalists to quickly inform them about sha.

  • hoverbear is having a take on it after vollkorn did not manage to do so in the past week


  • We'll put in like 500€ for promotional materials (business cards, stickers etc.)
    • vollkorn keeps track of this and makes sure to submit it before the deadline
    • input and ideas welcome

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