Meeting Communications 20160925 Mumble

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Meeting Communications 20160925 Mumble
Team Communications
Start At 2016/09/25 18:00:00 - 2016/09/25 19:00:00
Where Mumble
Main Subjects
  • Team work profile
  • Setup of news and
  • Status of creating press materials
Organizer User:vollkorn



What is our team's work profile

  • read the really long mail from vollkorn about what communications in CCC means before the meeting and on the meeting discuss what of that is applicable to sha.
  • IJskimo will contact sysadmin to get teammembers access to apropriate queues in RT.
  • A Signal group has been made for easy, short and private communication. If you feel you should be in it please send a mail to IJskimo.
  • Marjolijstje and Zeno4Ever will come up with a social media strategy.
  • what else do we have/want to do?
  • Future mumbles will be held on the first and third wednesday of the month @ 20:00
  • Next meeting we should get clarity on who is in the comms team and divide tasks and responsabilities so please join the mumble if you are (still) in.

Press contact and list

  • Dennis reports

Press Material

  • hoverbear reports

Infodesk and Twitter

  • thomasconvenant asked if the infodesk should use our twitter as well to post messages. We should discuss our social media "strategy".

Next Meeting

Wednesday October 5th 8pm mumble (add link to meetings page here)