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Portable radio field check


Check the field for UHF portable radio coverage. Running around with the radio all day so we get a feeling for the signal properties of the field.


At OHM2013 the mobile radio comms did not go as smooth as one would like. This year we want to be a step ahead.


Amateur portable mobile radio in the UHF band. Power between 1 and 8 watts. We'll just have small talk over the radio or semi-coordinated tests.


  • 433.575 MHz (shared with LPD433 channel 21)
  • 434.100 MHz (shared with LPD433 channel 42)

Please, "Wide narrow FM" (normal narrow FM), not the "Narrow narrow FM" :)

Check the Logistics IRC and contact Maxell if you want to help out!

Legal disclaimer

To transmit on the listed frequencies a valid CEPT amateur radio licence and call sign usage is required in The Netherlands. During the main event this won't be a requirement as we'll rent a "Vergunning voor tijdelijk gebruik portofoons/mobilofoons" (PMT-vergunning).

Please see this page on about foreign CEPT amateur radio licences.