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1st line contacts: denz, Scrumpy
Does: Plans, organizes and runs the SHA2017 bars.

Investigates needed licenses and permissions and gets those.

Does not: Anything else
Is an exclusive team: No
IRC: #sha2017-bar
Needed resources:
Comment: Ask denz to be included in the Whatsapp group
Vacancies: 5
Current team size / amount of ppl: 0
Contact at projectleiding: User:rolfvandekrol
Backup Contact at projectleiding: User:damnlie
Managed Vacancies: Wanted: Bar Team Lead / Coordinator

Wanted: Team members
You can add for your team on a page by adding: {{TeamVacancies|Bar}}

4 Team Members Bar


Team members

  • Andre Jr.
  • BugBlue
  • Straw


Following up on plans. Ordering non-food materials finished Established contact with most teams Now: getting orderlist food/drinks ready, contact other suppliers (Rabe), creating map of the bar



  • mustermann plans be available from buildup until teardown.



  • - X communicating volunteerprofiles with angel-team (what other information should we provide to them?)
  • - X ask field: sizes of tents
  • - planning SHV-courses for 3 teammembers
  • - x ask finance: budget for SHV-courses, budget for emergency repair kit (some specialist tube-reparation-stuff, duct-tape, other stuff?), budget for 'sloven' and communicate: we don't really want a 'kassa'
  • - X complete ordering list of materials/'hardware'(when will we contact this supplier?)
  • - X - through Attilla -> communicating about this list with supplier (check how much 'paddestoelen' do we need for the cooling-containers, ask to keep one of those on hold depending on ticket sales, ask to keep two taps on hold for same reason)
  • - finding more SHV-savy people
  • - concept ordering list food/drinks/etc (when should we contact this supplier?)
  • - X check: what should we provide for family village
  • - x establish communication with team lounge
  • - x contact team power
  • - x contact team volunteers
  • - contact Grolsch, contact Rabe (Mate)


  • - create schedule with slots/shifts for volunteers, communicating this (aka: number of volunteers needed for what, when) with volunteer-team
  • - communicating details with field: bar-placement, 'afrol/oprij-plank', a quiet daytime-sleeping place for the team (bc of nightshifts etc)
  • mustermann plans be available from buildup until teardown.
  • - finding teamleaders? (at least already ask some 4 people i.m.o.
  • - communicate with deco-team: couches for bar, lighting for bar-areas (behind the bars etc/cooling spaces etc), other stuff?
  • - communicate with supplier: ordering list food/drinks/etc
  • - order/get/make 'sloven' with SHA/bar-print
  • - draaiboek-checklist? (fr)


  • - checklists for during SHA concept: 1) stocklist, 2) cleaning list, 3) coin-register (fust-counting-list!)
  • - instructions for during SHA concept: 1) teamleaders (8-hour shift), 2) other volunteers ( 4-hour shifts) example: wash your hands before start, clean surfaces regularly etc)
  • - communicate with other possible bars (English bar, Belgian bar, Harbour -folks bar ?)
  • - agree on: who will be present when for the buildup and/or teardown
  • - fix a coin-weighing-thingy
  • - communicate with supplier materials: final needs (based on ticket sales)
  • - communicate with supplier food/drink/etc: final needs (based on ticket sales)
  • - create some promotion for coffee (posters, online, etc)


  • - communicate last details with team buildup/teardown
  • - get whiteboard or 'prikbord' for behind-the-scenes (checklist/instructions/stocklist/anouncements for volunteers etc)

Orders for third parties

  • - order one extra fridge and taptafel (for cold water) for kids village
  • - order 4 extra fridge for logistics, 1 extra coffee machine (27429)



  • talk to Nils
  • talk to Bauke
  • Fill out Team:Volunteers/Angeltypes before march 31 2017
  • find Wilco
  • notify Grotesmurf
  • talk to Finance team about money etc
  • write a short text for the facilities page on visitors wiki (will be used for booklet)