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  • What can people buy on site? What should they be able to get?
  • What rules do we enforce? Can merchants come to the field and with what agreements? Can visitors/villages sell goods? What goods?
  • What's available closeby?

DIY sales

Visitors and villages may sell, in limited quantities, stuff that's relevant to their interest. This excludes food and beverages.

Market stalls

Scout shop

Scouting Nederland (boy/girl scouts) can come on the first days with their mobile scout shop van with camping equipment. They could park at the entrance. (DWizzy has contacted them,
TODO: agreement with mobile scout shop


Buying whole bottles from the bar?


Bread & butter? Supermarket nearby to deliver stuff?

Convenience in the vicinity



Kerkstraat 26 3891 ET Zeewolde Netherlands


Gouwzee 31 Zeewolde


Camping, hardware, electronics