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SHA2017 Sponsor policy

SHA2017 is a non-profit event with a non-commercial identity. For a successful event, specific projects and teams, contributions in the form of sponsoring and donations are nonetheless necessary. This sponsoring policy covers the whole event, including villages. It has been decided that we will only accept sponsoring from commercial entities 'in kind', meaning concrete goods and services, without providing much in the way of branding for such entities. For example hardware for the Badge, NOC or A/V teams or data uplinks for the NOC team. Apart from sponsoring for goods we will accept cash donations from organizations that have a proven track record of having a good fit with our community and its values.

We will evaluate sponsors on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they meet the aforementioned requirements. Any sponsoring agreement must include a back-out facility for the SHA2017 organizing entity (IFCAT foundation) if the sponsor turns out to be detrimental to the event and/or the values it represents. Regardless of the sponsor or donor, we will not allow for any reciprocal obligations regarding neither the organization or content of the event. Branding such as logos and naming will be limited to the website, booklet and other predefined places like a team presentation or the SHA2017 badge. No other commercial branding or presence will be allowed on the event terrain like recruitment activities, banners of corporate entities on villages etc.

To acknowledge the sponsoring and donations we split the sponsors over multiple categories. The category where a organization is placed depends on its contribution to the event. Since most contributions are "in kind" and therefor have no fixed value, the category will be decided by the project lead team, the team in question and the sponsor. If a contributor wishes to stay anonymous (which we obviously prefer), we will respect its wishes and thank it in a general acknowledgement. In case you feel unsure on whether you are in line with this policy or would like to be able to display some branding that may or may not be reconciled with hit, please do contact ORGA (Team:Projectleiding) on this matter.