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Family Village

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Person Responsible user:lmstr
Status idea
Age groups
  • 0-3 year
  • 3-6 year
Budget Required
Budget Granted None (yet)

Build a large sandpit where kids can play.


  • Manitou or other machinery required to transport the sand

Materials required

  • Wooden planks and poles
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Hammer and ground drill
  • Saw
  • Sand (from the beach?)

Materials arranged

Who will provide them, and when?



  • TODO: Buildlog...

Howto: Buildup

  • Needs 2-3 volunteers for a few hours.
  • Get 4 poles into the ground
  • Attach wooden planks to create an enclosed box
  • Fill with sand

Howto: Teardown

  • Needs 1-2 volunteers for a few hours.
  • Transport sand back to the beach.
  • Give away/throw away/burn the wood