SHA2017 orga meeting 20160924

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SHA2017 orga meeting 20160924
Name Orga Meeting
StartDate 2016/09/24 12:00:00 doors open, 14:00 start
EndDate 2016/09/24 18:00:00, various optional activities in the evening
Where Pixelbar, Vierhavensstraat 56, 3029 BG Rotterdam




Not finalized. Will include:

12:00: doors open 14:00: start of the program

  • Round past all teams / projects and their status (time tbd, max N minutes * team / project)
  • Structured "ethics" and "government" discussion (max 1 hour)
  • A team assignment (time tbd)
  • All options for networking with other teams and getting things done quickly (time tbd, ± 20 minutes)
  • tbd.

18:00: done

For who is interested:

  • 18:30-ish: ad-hoc food arrangement
  • 19:00: crack to the future (one or more talks about cracking software, basic level)
  • 20:00: slack to the future, enjoy!

For the Sunday we're looking if it's possible to visit the site for a moment. This has not been confirmed yet.


Parking available at the entrance of the building (down the alley). More info:


  1. Gameoflife.png jelena_balccon Nickname: jelena_balccon

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Village: Village:Balkan village

  2. Gameoflife.png Nickname:

    HackerSpace: Pixelbar

    Village: Village:milliways

  3. Gameoflife.png Attilla Nickname: Attilla

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

  4. User 1sand0s Picture.jpg 1sand0s Nickname: 1sand0s

    Role: flinger of 1's and 0's

    HackerSpace: RandomData

  5. Gameoflife.png Vision Nickname: Vision

    Team: Team:Productiehuis

    HackerSpace: none

  6. link-3DUserRolfvanderkrol Rolfvanderkrol Could not find information about Rolfvanderkrol .

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    (rolf van der krol)
  7. User Stitch Picture.jpg Stitch Nickname: Stitch

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Role: He who walks behind the rows

    HackerSpace: Hack42 (NL), AwesomeSpace (NL), RandomData (NL)

    Dect: 5717

  8. Gameoflife.png dvanzuijlekom Nickname: dvanzuijlekom

    HackerSpace: Hack42 (NL)

  9. Gameoflife.png redlizard Nickname: redlizard

    Team: Team:Terrain, Team:Teardown Mgmt, Team:Maps

    Role: Team Lead

  10. User Martian Picture.jpg Martian Nickname: Martian

    Team: Team:Content

    Role: Co-Lead

    HackerSpace: TkkrLab

    Dect: 7641

  11. Gameoflife.png Sling Nickname: Sling

    Team: Team:Volunteers

    Role: Teamlead

    HackerSpace: Awesomespace (NL)

  12. User Picture.jpg piele Nickname: piele

    Team: Team:Sysadmin

    HackerSpace: Techinc

    Village: Village:deFEEST

    Dect: 3833

  13. User Sebastius Picture.jpg Sebastius Nickname: Sebastius

    Team: Team:Logistics/Waste

    Role: Waste Wizkid

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

    Dect: HACK

  14. Veiligewebsite.jpg Maxell Nickname: Maxell

    Team: Team:Logistics/Warehouse

    Role: Warehouse Team Lead

    HackerSpace: RevSpace

    Dect: 6295

  15. User Boekenwuurm Picture.jpeg Boekenwuurm Nickname: Boekenwuurm

    Team: Team:Info

    HackerSpace: Bitlair

  16. Gameoflife.png Hobbybob Nickname: Hobbybob

    Team: Team:Decoratie

    HackerSpace: Bitlair

  17. User Thomascovenant Picture.jpg thomascovenant Nickname: thomascovenant

    Team: Team:Ticket and Entrance

    Role: Lead of Ticket and Entrance, also part of Infodesk

    HackerSpace: Techinc

    Village: Village:Milliways

  18. User Picture.jpg Stijn Nickname: Stijn

    Team: Team:Volunteers

    Role: Team Member

    HackerSpace: Bitlair

  19. User Netsmurf2 Picture.jpg Netsmurf2 Nickname: Netsmurf2

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

  20. Gameoflife.png Twi Nickname: Twi

    Team: Team:POC

    Role: Team Lead

    HackerSpace: Entropia (CCC Karlsruhe), Stratum 0, Westwoodlabs

    Village: Village:Entropolis

    Dect: 8940

  21. User Derchris Picture.jpg derchris Nickname: derchris

    Team: Team:Sysadmin

    HackerSpace: muCCC

    Village: Village:muCCC

    Dect: 3277

  22. Your name here...

I would like to be there, but cannot

  1. Gameoflife.png AK47 Nickname: AK47

    Team: Team:NOC

    HackerSpace: Bitlair

    Dect: 2547

  2. polyfloyd
  3. User Manduca Picture.jpg Manduca Nickname: Manduca

    Team: Team:Logistics

    Role: Team Lead

    Dect: 3882

  4. Cavedude
  5. Gameoflife.png Mr seeker Nickname: Mr seeker

    Team: Team:Projectleiding

    Role: secretary

    HackerSpace: Techinc

    Dect: HELL (4355)

Carpool and pickups


  1. Your name and offer here...



  1. Your name and request here...