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Team:Bar#Bar_Team_Lead_/_Coordinator +You help the team with structure, managing of actions and are helpful in getting them done.  +
Team:Bar#Team_members +For an awesome event, we are looking for people for organizing the bar(s).  +
Team:Foodcourt and vendors#Food_vendor_scout +You find food vendors that are pretty awesome, have good (and sometimes even healthy) food for a decent price. They comply to all regulations and know how to handle food on festivals.  +
Team:Info#Team_Info +Supporting the team Info in the preperations and staffing the information desk during the event.  +
Team:Logistics/Off-site#Off-Site_Truck_Driver/Copilot_teams +Pick up and return teams' payloads throughout the Netherlands in a truck. For more information, see [[Team:Logistics/Off-site]].  +
Team:Logistics/On-site#General_hands_On-site_Logistics +You'll be part of a small dedicated workforce (about 5 people), Moving stuff around the field by foot, bike or golfcart. Work consists, among other things, of the following: Guiding the volunteers in their work Signaling and reporting possible issues/improvements Loading and unloading trucks (helping the off-site transport team) Distributing stuff delivered to the various teams Transporting stuff from the Logistics store to the various teams (and back where needed) Helping team terrain moving stuff around Distributing basic gear like beer benches and tables, fences, floorboards etc. Assisting the forklifts in their work (extra eyes, preparing loads, guarding the safety of bystanders etc.) Having fun at the LHQ  +
Team:Productiehuis#Radio_producer +Make a (slightly) event-related radioshow (alone or with others) by "writing" the content and presenting it.  +
Team:Safety#Centralist +Handle all the communication of team Safety  +
Team:Safety#First_Aid_Dispatcher +Administrative support for the first aid team, and some patient-facing administration.  +
Team:Safety#First_Aider +Provide emergency medical care to participants on site in accordance with own training.  +
Team:Safety#Healthcare_Professionals +On-call for 1 day to assist first aid team when necessary.  +
Team:Safety#Teamlead_Security +Organize and run security, participate in writing documentation for the permit and talk to the municipality or goverment  +
Team:Safety#Teamlead_Traffic_&_Parking +Organize and run subteam Traffic & Parking, participate in writing documentation for the permit and talk to the municipality or goverment  +
Team:Volunteers#Heralding_Angel(s) +We are looking for people who are good at heralding big crowd, or feel a need to heralding big crowd. If you like to be charge and control over how thing goes in certain places. If you have a voice to ask people nicely to raise there hand if they have a free seat next to them. Or announcing speakers. Please contact us!  +
Team:Volunteers#Volunteer_team_member +Team:Volunteers could use one or two people that are involved in poking other teams and finding out their volunteering needs and creating shifts in the angelsystem based on this. These people would also be ideal candidates to run volunteer coordinator shifts during the event. If you want to do other things that are related to volunteering, feel free to contact us!  +