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Projects: Website +Wiki or other form of online entities.  +
Projects:Safe Harbour +Dry things  +
Team:Bar +Anything else  +
Team:Cohesion +Security, First aid.  +
Team:Content +This team will not do anything infodesk, speaker desk, speaker lounge, media lounge, media desk related.  +
Team:Content/Speakerdesk +Make miracles happen  +
Team:Decoratie + * Design the logo or website * Provide literal streetlights (i.e. we make roads visible, but don't guarantee that you won't stumble) * Provide building/lighting on stage, but we can provide decoration for items on stage/background if you ask nicely * Decorate the Lounges * Do the physical infrastructure of our network (that's the responsibility of Team Infra) * Rent power-cables for everything * Do Wireless anything * Support lighting/decoration brought by individual visitors * Plan the partitioning of the terrain in areas and roads * Provide bar and horeca lighting * Transport pre-fab decoration from build location to camp location   +
Team:Design +Make signs. That's Decoratie.  +
Team:DramaOperationCenter +Sanity  +
Team:Family Village +Provide daycare  +
Team:Finance +Entrance and staffing Writing budgets for other teams Determining what needs to be bought for other teams  +
Team:Foodcourt and vendors +Drinks  +
Team:Info + * Signage (that's team DECO) * Maps * Design * Small facilities stuff   +
Team:Logistics +Move stuff around for villages/visitors  +
Team:Logistics/Off-site +Transport of stuff for individuals or hackerspaces, transport of people  +
Team:Logistics/On-site +Transport people Transport goods for villages or visitors  +
Team:Logistics/ROC +Phones, FM-Radio, Maritime-Radio  +
Team:Logistics/Shopping +Big/specific stuff  +
Team:Logistics/Shuttle +Transporting all other cargo  +
Team:Logistics/Warehouse +Store stuff for visitors/villages  +
Team:Logistics/Waste +Hazardous/oversized/overweight waste removal. Mate-crates are not us either.  +
Team:POC +GSM  +
Team:Permit +test  +
Team:Productiehuis +Stage: * the stage itself (the physical thing) * stage decoration (plants, etc.) * herald organization (as per week 12 orga meet) Radio: * radio content  +
Team:Projectleiding +Physical actual work  +