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FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/How_can_I_volunteer? +Join one of the teams/projects! We'll add more information about the practical part soon; for now, take a look at the [[Teams|team's]] page on this wiki.  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Can_I_help? +We love to have some help! You can help in several ways. Leading up to the event, you can help with the Orga. This will give you unique possibilities to learn stuff and expand your skill set, while you have fun with other people and be involved with the event. See [[Teams|team's]] for available positions. If you want to help out during the event, that will be great too! There are several roles with short shifts where you can make this event possible. More information will become available closer to the event.  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Are_there_single_day_tickets_available? +No, SHA2017 will only have tickets for the entire event.  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Is_there_a_Code_of_Conduct? +Yes, it is a Code of Conduct. You can find it [[Code_of_Conduct|here]].  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/I_want_to_come,_but_I_can’t_afford_a_ticket_at_that_price! +Please send an email and explain your situation. Then we will look at the possibilities and get back to you.  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/What_are_the_dates_of_the_event? +4-8-2017 - 8-8-2017  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Will_there_be_a_noisy_area? +Yes, there are plans for a noisy area. What the applicable rules and regulations are will be determined (depending on contract, permit and other visitor wishes/opinions). Previous permits allowed for 70db at the nearest house until 2:00 (with the exception of the Sunday). Given that we're in the middle of nowhere, this will make you deaf next to the speakers.  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/How_is_SHA2017_funded?_Can_my_company_sponsor_part_of_the_event? +SHA2017 is a non-profit event with a non-commercial identity. Our initial costs are covered by the ticket sales. For a successful event, specific projects and teams, contributions in the form of sponsoring and donations are nonetheless necessary. If you like to sponsor us financially, then please buy a ticket for the event. If you like to sponsor one of our teams with goods, equipment and/or donations then please do contact us for more information.  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/SHA_is_located_next_to_water._Can_I_come_with_a_boat? +A project is working on creating a safe harbour. Look for more information on [[Projects:Safe_Harbour| safe harbour]].  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/What_is_the_picture_policy_of_SHA2017? +The excellent thing to do is ask before you take a picture. Not everyone want to have his or her photo taken, and especially not find themselves on the internet. Crowd shots are fine. However, some areas and villages will be picture-free zones. Be aware that other villages are free for awesome projects, and that this projects could contain cameras or webcams.  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/What_is_the_pricing_of_the_tickets? +At this moment, the exact ticket pricing is not known. Besides normal visitor tickets, there will be special tickets for kids under 18, business tickets and supporter tickets.  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/When_are_tickets_becoming_available? +Tickets will become available at the end of 2016.  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Will_there_be_merchandise? +For now, we are looking into the possibility to have merchandise. Please come back later for more information.  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Can_I_give_a_talk,_workshop_or_something_else_cool? +Watch out for the CFP. This should be online soon.  +