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Sea level laser.jpg
Person Responsible User:Hobbybob
Status ready
Budget Required 1000
Budget Granted 1000
buildup from 08-02
buildup duration -
buildup orga 1 (hobbybob)
buildup angels 0
teardown from 08-08, 18:00
teardown duration -
teardown orga 1 (hobbybob)
teardown angels 0
waste 0
comments Let Dimitri do it

Since SHA will be below sea level, why not remind everyone that a barrier of mud is keeping them alive?


  • A permits may be required for outdoor laser usage
  • A scaffolding tower is needed
  • Power in watts: yes
  • TODO: Network? Private network required?


  • TODO: Buildlog..

Howto: Buildup

  • Leave everything to Hobbybob

Howto: Teardown

  • Also leave everything to Hobbybob