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Person Responsible User:Polyfloyd
Status work started
Budget Required 0
Budget Granted 0
buildup from 08-01
buildup duration 4 hours
buildup orga 1
buildup angels 3
teardown from 08-08, 18:00
teardown duration 1 hours
teardown orga 0
teardown angels 2
waste 30 liter
comments Buildup includes manufacturing

Sling has asked us to decorate the volunteer lounge (Heaven) with some pretty lights.


  • TODO: Other teams needed?
  • TODO: Permits required?
  • TODO: Power in watts?
  • TODO: Network? Private network required?


We will be using parts of other projects to decorate the heaven:

  • Colored TL Lights: 4x
  • Spotlights: 2x

Howto: Buildup

  • Clouds
  1. Use the wooden sheets left over from the signs, these are spread over Bitlair and Hack42
  2. Apply the ground layer of paint (and let dry)
  3. Apply 6 strokes of paint in the same fashion as the signs with rollers
  4. Cut wooden sheets with a decoupeerzaag
  5. Hang them from the ceiling in the heaven with some string
  • Other stuff: See Status

Howto: Teardown

  • TODO: Throw/give away?
  • TODO: How many volunteers are required?
  • TODO: How much time is required?