Floating CD waterlilies

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Floating CD waterlilies
Photo 2017-07-21 17-05-27.jpg
Person Responsible Rizoom
Status ready
Budget Required 150
Budget Granted 150
buildup from 08-01
buildup duration 1 hours
buildup orga 1 (alleen uitleg)
buildup angels 1
teardown from 08-08, 18:00
teardown duration 1 hours
teardown orga 0
teardown angels 1
waste 20 liter
comments -

Floating waterlilies made out of shiny cds. For an example, see this: https://media.treehugger.com/assets/images/2012/11/bruce-munro-waterlilies-5.jpeg.650x0_q70_crop-smart.jpg


No dependencies


  • TODO: Buy material, start making them

Howto: Buildup

  • Where to get the stuff from? Rizoom will bring the stuff
  • How much time is required? At most half an hour for unpacking and such
  • What do we need to do? We need to put the things in the water and let them float

Howto: Teardown

  • Throw/give away? Plan now: give away
  • How many volunteers are required? 2
  • How much time is required? We need to get them out of the water, which will require a fishing rod or a boat.