Bouncing Castle

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Family Village

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Bouncing Castle
Person Responsible User:Fhp
Status idea
Age groups
  • 0-3 year
  • 3-6 year
  • 6-9 year
  • 9-12 year
Budget Required 300
Budget Granted None (yet)

A bouncing castle for the (smaller) children.


  • Transport to the site. Flevo-verhuur can deliver to the campsite.

Materials required

  • A bouncing castle: [1]

Materials arranged

Who will provide them, and when?

  • None


  • TODO: Buildlog...

Howto: Buildup

  • 1 volunteer for an hour.
  • Receive the bouncing castle from the delivery guys.
  • Place at the right spot.
  • Inflate.

Howto: Teardown

  • 2-3 volunteers for an hour.
  • Clean the castle
  • Fold the castle
  • Give the bouncing castle to the pickup guys.