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1st line contacts: Cavedude
Does not:
Is an exclusive team: Yes
IRC: #
Needed resources:
  • First aid kit
  • PMR Radio
  • Golf kart
  • AED
  • Yellow reflecting jackets
Vacancies: 50
Current team size / amount of ppl: 7
Contact at projectleiding: User:Netsmurf2
Backup Contact at projectleiding: User:Mr seeker
Managed Vacancies: Wanted: First Aider

Wanted: First Aid Dispatcher Wanted: Healthcare Professionals Wanted: Teamlead Security Wanted: Teamlead Traffic & Parking Wanted: Centralist
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2 Team Members Safety


Team Structure

Team Safety and Security covers a lot of different area's of expertise so that's why we decided to split into subteams.

Safety coordinator Comment
Subteam Subteam coordinator Comment
First Aid Wim
Parking & Traffic Cavedude with help from MrSeeker
Stewards Maurits & Gerrit
Fire Paul
Water Brenno



Jobtitle Job description Skillset How many Team
Security Guard  ? Security
Traffic Controller Help controlling the traffic on day of arrival and departure Experience with traffic controlling and willing to take a online course to get certified (4 weeks before the event!) 30 Parking
Firepatrol Patrol the campsite, check for fire safety Experience with firefighting, firesafety etc 6 Fire
Nightwatch Patrol the campsite at night (as demanded in the permit) BHV certficate (4 hour shifts) 1 for every 400 participants so at least 20 Fire
Teamlead Parking & Traffic Help organise parking & traffic Experience with parking management or traffic control planning 2 Parking
Technical Hygiene care coordinator Coordinate and document technical hygiene care Experience with technical hygiene care 1 or 2 FirstAid
First Aid Supervisor Provide leadership and guidance to team members, assist with planning and preparations. Valid first aid certificate, event first aid experience 1-2 FirstAid
First Aider Provide emergency medical care on the site for 2-3, eight-hour shifts during the event. Valid first aid certificate + AED 18 FirstAid
Dispatcher (First Aid Team) Administrative support for the first aid team, and some patient-facing administration. Anyone interested 3 FirstAid
Healthcare Professionals On-call for 1 day to assist first aid team when necessary. State-registered Doctor, Nurse or Paramedic in a European Union member-state. 4 FirstAid


Username Security First Aid BHV Firefighter Comment
Cavedude X Coordinator / OvD-E (Safety Officer Events)
Vicarious X X Security guard
Paul X Fire patrol / Safety adivsor

Requirements / Resources

What How Many Provided by Comment
Central phonenumber / GSM 1 POC
FireGator ATV (to be used as mini firetruck) with 350 meter of firehose (75mm) 1 Logistics
Fire extinquishers Lots  ?
E-Bikes 4 Logistics
AED (Automated External Defibrillator) 2 Rent
Central Post (Portocabin) / Container 1 projectleiding
First Aid Station (minimal 5x5 meters, airconditioned, running water) 1
PMR HAM radios 40 CCC
Megaphone 1 + (1 for every tent with capacity over 200 people) Rent


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