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  • greetings - 12:00
  • big meeting 13:00, (45min)
    • greetings,
      • explanation of the plan for today, asking for disagreement (5min)
    • updates from sanity (5min, Cinder)
    • explanation of teams (30min)
    • updates from location (5min, Attilla)
  • break of 15min
  • groups meet 14:00 (45min)
  • break of 15min
  • big meeting 15:00 (45min)
  • break of 15min
  • big meeting 16:00 (45min)
  • end at 16:45,

The RevSpace celebrates his 6th year anniversary afterwards. For those who registered for the BBQ:

Meeting (not BBQ) participants

  1. Manduca
  2. Bart_uit_Vught + Sister Susan
  3. Stitch
  4. shodan (new guy)
  5. mwfc
  6. Pietdv
  7. jelena + milobit
  8. 8.
  9. Kartoffel
  10. Piele
  11. SA007
  12. Juerd
  13. realitygaps
  14. dave_o
  15. Maxell
  16. Cinder
  17. trbs
  18. you...

BBQ participants

Registration at

I missed the BBQ list

Please beware that there is a hard limit of people in the building of 100, if you have not registered at revspace for the bbq after the meeting you will be asked to leave until after the bbq. please mark if you forgot to register and would like to stay after the meeting, so we can find a fitting location to go to during peak people.

People that want to stay but were too late to register for the BBQ. Probably relocate to a nearby restaurant until there is space in revspace again.

  1. your name here.