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FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/I_want_to_come,_but_I_can’t_afford_a_ticket_at_that_price! +I want to come, but I can’t afford a ticket at that price!  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Will_there_be_a_noisy_area? +Will there be a noisy area?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Is_there_a_Code_of_Conduct? +Is there a Code of Conduct?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Are_there_single_day_tickets_available? +Are there single day tickets available?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Will_there_be_merchandise? +Will there be merchandise?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/SHA_is_located_next_to_water._Can_I_come_with_a_boat? +SHA is located next to water. Can I come with a boat?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Can_I_give_a_talk,_workshop_or_something_else_cool? +Can I give a talk, workshop or something else cool?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/What_are_the_dates_of_the_event? +What are the dates of the event?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/Can_I_help? +Can I help?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/What_is_the_picture_policy_of_SHA2017? +What is the picture policy of SHA2017?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/How_can_I_volunteer? +How can I volunteer?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/What_is_the_pricing_of_the_tickets? +What is the pricing of the tickets?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/How_is_SHA2017_funded?_Can_my_company_sponsor_part_of_the_event? +How is SHA2017 funded? Can my company sponsor part of the event?  +
FAQ/assorted#FAQ/assorted/When_are_tickets_becoming_available? +When are tickets becoming available?  +