Meeting Sanity 20160216 Bi-Weekly Mumble Meet

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Meeting Sanity 20160216 Bi-Weekly Mumble Meet
Team Sanity
Name Bi-Weekly Mumble Meet
Start At 2016/02/16 08:00:00 PM - 2016/02/16 10:00:00 PM
Main Subjects
Organizer User:Stitch

Note: This meeting is being recorded. These recordings will become publicly available.

Anyone is allowed to listen in on the meeting, but not to comment or speak unless explicitly asked.


  • Piet's formal notice (for september) (piet)
  • Letter to scouting and Zeewolde (piet)
  • List of possible problems with the terain (piet)
  • Budget (piet)
  • Follow up on calendar, ticketing system, webDAV thingy (piet)
  • Attracting more people to projectleiding (piet)
  • Team follow up and status of contact info
  • science for sha