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Although many things were very good at SHA2017, there are always things that can be improved. We value your input and constructive criticism to make the next event even better. While there is a Feedback page on the public wiki, we value the input from volunteers since they can have a different perspective.

Use this page to fill in the problems that we've faced and the improvements needed to solve them. While it is easy to just list some problems, please include the solutions that you can think of. If your team already had a meeting and has written things down separately, feel free to link it here.

Improvement meeting

There will be a separate meeting to go over the issues on this page. This will be at Techinc, probably in October.

Feedback and suggestions

General / Overall


Family Village

Team Productiehuis

Closer coordination with orga/terrain (?) on the track-tents used in order to optimise the stage and A/V equipment

Team Decoratie

We have had an evaluation meeting and we are preparing a document of some sort which holds our lessons learned, and suggestions/recommendations for future events.


How to have a great afterparty. A recipe for future me or someone else, by Moem:

  • Plan carefully, keeping an eye on other events that may draw some of your audience. But keep it close to the event. The next month is great.
  • Find a venue that can hold around 100 people. Free is good. Central is great. Good connectivity helps too. Do provide for bad weather even if the predictions are good.
  • If weather permits, and the location has outdoor space and allows it: plan for a campfire.
  • Let people know whether they can stay over. If so: buy breakfast. Bread/eggs/cheese/bacon is fine. Buy coffee/tea.
  • Arrange music, food, drinks, decorations and places to sit. Can be commercial or selforganised but all of these must be present. Full-service catering/BBQ can be a great option. Music and light can generally be organised within the community.
  • If BBQ: keep in mind that many meat eaters will happily eat the fish even if this means that the fish eaters go hungry. Not because they're mean but because they simply don't realise. A possible solution: have someone guard the fish. Another one: order equal amounts of fish and meat.
  • If people need to sign up, tell them through several channels, and give them a clear deadline.
  • Organise a buildup crew and a teardown/cleanup crew. 5 people is good. 10 is better.
  • For 100 people, you will need 10 to 20 crates of beer depending on weather. 3 liters each of white, rose, red wine is enough.
  • Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper.