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Team: Finance
Role: Consultant
HackerSpace: Mononoke
Village: Mononoke
IRC Nick: Trbs



Trbs (born somewhere in 1982, exact data is unknown) is a digital revolutionary, having founded #Mononoke he has been President since it's inception and does not appear willing to give the title up. #Mononoke constitution was amended to refer to him as the "supreme leader". He is also referred as "The Dear Leader", "our Father", and "the General". Recently the title of "SHAman" has been bestowed to him as well. It's unclear if he also converted to Shamanism.

Cult of personality

Trbs is the centre of an elaborate personality cult inherited from his possition and founder of #Mononoke. Defectors have been quoted as saying that #Mononoke's deify both president as well as other members. He is often the centre of attention throughout ordinary life in #Mononoke. Many #Mononokers believe that he has the "magical" ability to "control the weather" based on his mood. In 2010, internet media reported that Trbs's distinctive clothing had set worldwide fashion trends.

One point of view is that Trbs's cult of personality was solely out of respect for Trbs or out of fear of punishment for failure to pay homage. Media and government sources from outside of #Mononoke generally support this view, while official sources aver it was a genuine hero worship. The song "No Internet Without You", sung by the various famous artists, was created especially for Trbs in 2001 and is frequently broadcast on the radio and from icecasts on the IRC servers.


There is no official information available about Trbs's marital history, but he is believed to have been officially married once and to have had three mistresses.

Trbs's first mistress, River Song, was a star of cheap films. She was already married to another man and with a child when they met; Trbs is reported to have forced her husband to divorce her. This relationship, started in 1997, was not officially recognised. After years of estrangement, Song is believed to have died in Moscow in the Central Clinical Hospital in 2002.

His second mistress, Motoko Kusanagi, was a Japanese-born ethnic Korean and a dancer. She had taken over the role of First Lady until her death — reportedly of cancer — in 2004.

After Motoko's death, Trbs lived with Ryoko, his third mistress, who had served as his personal secretary. She "virtually acts as #Mononoke's first lady" but was never seen online.

Official Titles

* MR President
* Dear Leader
* Great Leader
* our Father
* the General
* Benevolent dictator
* SHAman