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Team Volunteers (home)

Please provide Team:Volunteers with the types of angels you will be needing during SHA2017, so we can make sure people can sign up for these in the Angelsystem and we can provide you will all the help you need!

Example input

Team: Exampleteam
Angeltype: Exampleangel
Description: What will this angel be doing, what is expected. A small sales-pitch will improve chances for angels to pick your shift ;)
Restricted?: Y / N (If yes, why? Does it need training or a certificate? If it needs training, where/when can the angel be trained? Does it need approval from a teamlead? Does it need special skills?)
How many angels are needed?: For example:
	During the event:
		12:00 - 17:00: Between 1 and 4 angels
		17:00 - 02:00: Between 3 and 10 angels
Special shift times?: Y / N (shift times are 2 hours by default, if you need shorter or longer shifts please explain here.)

Angeltypes per team


  • Angeltype: Supervising Barkeep
    • Task description: The Supervising Barkeep oversees one of the Bars, and sells drinks to Customers
    • How many: One per Bar per shift.
    • Requirements: SVH certificate
  • Angeltype: Barkeep
    • Task description: The Barkeep sells drinks to Customers
    • How many: One or more bar per shift
    • Requirements: Some experience as Barkeep
  • Angeltype: Runner
    • Task description: The Runner distributes the drinks from the storage to the Bars, and keeps the refrigerators stocked.
    • How many: One or more per bar per shift
    • Requirements: Muscles, and common sense
  • Angeltype: Constructor
    • Task description: The Constructor help building and tearing down the Bars before and after the event, also does modifications as needed during the event.
    • How many: Two or three during buildup and teardown, one, on call, during the event.
    • Requirements: Ducktape, Tie-wraps to fix things, WD40 to unfix things, a bigger hammer for both. Also a carpenters eye, and common sense, and the skillset to use all six.


Team:Buildup Mgmt




  • Angeltype: Buildup Angel
    • Task description: Helps put premade decorative stuff in place before the event starts.
  • Angeltype: Teardown Angel
    • Task description: Helps with dismantling and disposing of decorative stuff after the event ended.

Team:Family Village

Team:Foodcourt and Vendors



  • Angeltype: Infodesker
    • Task description: answer questions from other visitors. By RTFM or is all else fails, escalating the question.
    • How many: see Team:Info/schedule
    • Restricted: No
  • Angeltype: Presscorting
    • Task description: chaperoning press, explaining our code of conduct, showing them around, escorting them to people they might interview
    • Restricted: Yes





  • Angeltype: Waste-run angel
    • Task description: pulling out binbags from trashcans, driving golf-cart, operation trashcompactor
    • Requirements: Drivers license (for the Golf Cart)
  • Angeltype: Waste-scout angel
    • Task description: doing bike-run to check on bins, replace binliner in case of emergency


  • Angeltype: Driver
    • Task description: driving the shuttle busses to and from the field.



  • Angeltype: access switch deployment, teardown
    • Task description: during buildup: deploy access switches to their final locations, taking note of serial numbers, hostnames, VLANs, as well as brief testing of connectivity; during teardown, bring access switches back to central location and note this down
  • Angeltype: WiFi helper
    • Task description: Help with physical deployment and later removal of wireless access points across the terrain, help build physical structures to attach them to around Datenklos

Team:NOC Helpdesk


  • Angeltype: DECT Helpdesk
    • Task description: Register new extension numbers, start the DECT pairing on the PBX side and help people register their DECT phones at our own DECT network.
  • Angeltype: Field telephone Operator
    • Task description: Sit your shift on a telephone exchange and connect people to other fieldphones or into the DECT.



Stolen from c3voc

  • Angeltype: Video Mixer Angel
    • Description: Mixing the video from multiple feeds to one to stream
    • Restricted: Yes, must attend training on day 0
    • Shifts: 1 for each talk, begins 15 minutes before a talk
  • Angeltype: Camera Angel
    • Description: Operate a camera for a talk
    • Restricted: Yes, must attend training on day 0
    • Shifts: 2 for each talk, begins 15 minutes before a talk
  • Angeltype: Audio Mixer Angel
    • Description: Mixing the audio to stream and to amplify
    • Restricted: Yes, must attend training on day 0
    • Shifts: 1 for each talk, begins 15 minutes before a talk
  • Angeltype: VOC Crew
    • Description: From editing to experienced audio/video angels
    • Restricted: Yes, only after approval of productiehuis
    • Shifts: The whole event (basically)
  • Angeltype: Stream Observing Angel
    • Description: Learn from you peers and give tips
    • Restricted: Yes, only for active Video Mixer and Camera operator angels
    • Shifts: Each talk

Team:Safety and Security

  • Angeltype: Parking Angel
    • Supervise parking so people park at the designated area
  • Angeltype: Steward Angel
    • Help team Security as a steward, U will be trained on day -2
  • Angeltype: Traffic Angel
    • Help controlling the traffic on day of arrival and departure. SKillset:Experience with traffic controlling and willing to take a online course to get certified (4 weeks before the event!)
  • Angeltype: Firemarshall Angel
    • Keep an eye on fire safety and be first responder in case of fire: Skillset: Firefighter, BHV or other fire related training
  • Angeltype: Centralist
    • Handle all the phone and radio traffic of the safetyteam: Skillset: experience with these kind of things



  • None

Team:Takedown Mgmt


  • Angeltype: Village Guide
    • Task description: Escort trucks to and from the field during Buildup. Guide them to their designated buildup-location. Make sure they only drive on the paved roads. Tell them to hurry with unloading/loading so other vehicles can enter the field. Also instruct them to put a sticker on the map near the entrance. Check on them during teardown
  • Angeltype: Village Coordinator (restricted)
    • Task description: Responsible/coordinator for Village Guidance Angel, mostly during Buildup/Teardown.


  • Angeltype: Volunteer Coordinator (restricted)
    • Task description: You are the contact person for volunteers or people who want to be volunteers. You will be contacted if people have questions about a volunteer shift, angeltype, the angelsystem, how/where training can be followed for restricted angeltypes, etcetera. You will be located in or around the awesome Heaven tent with plenty of nice people, music, food and drinks. You might also be helping the crew kitchen out with some questions or tasks, if needed.
    • How many: During the event we will need at least one person at all times, preferably 2 between 12:00 and 00:00.
    • Requirements: Experience with volunteering (or even coordinating volunteers) and the angelsystem is a definite plus.

Team:Tickets and Entrance