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What is the Angelsystem?

The angelsystem is an instance of the Engelsystem which is created by our fellow CCC hackers and used for many hacker events in the past. In this system everybody can sign up to register for shifts, which greatly helps with planning the workforce during such an event.

It has a few concepts that might need explaining:


a.k.a. Volunteers, everybody who signs up in the angelsystem!

The following information is kept in the angelsystem about angels:

  • Nick (Required, this is also used on the volunteer badge)
  • Email (Required, but you can choose to not make it visible to Team:Volunteers)
  • Tshirt size (Required, Used to roughly estimate the types of volunteershirts to order)
  • Planned date of arrival (Required, Used to estimate how many people will be at the event at a given day)
  • Password (The system allows Team:Volunteers members to change passwords, but we won't since there is a Password recovery feature)
  • Arrived Y/N (This is N by default, and set to Y after saying hi at the Volunteerdesk on-site. Only when this is Y can they sign up for shifts)

(And some other optional fields which we don't really care about)

Angels can have the following roles:

  • Guest (Not used)
  • Engel (Registered users have this role by default)
  • Shift Coordinator (Allows you to add shifts, given out to team members when requested. It also allows you to do some other things, but please just use this for adding shifts. Abuse will mean you loose these bits.)
  • Team Coordinator (Team:Volunteers)
  • Bureaucrat (Team:Volunteers)
  • Shift-Manager (Not used)

When registering, an Angel is automatically registered for all Open angeltypes right away, so they can sign up for these shifts as soon as they are marked as arrived.

Angels can also have vouchers (not used), driving license (not used, can be a requisite for a restricted angeltype but will then be verified by the team that belongs to the angeltype) and an Active Y/N state (not used).


Angeltypes are the 'jobs' that can be planned in the Angelsystem and which can be fulfilled by Angels. They should have a nice description that explains what a volunteer will be doing during these shifts and what is expected of them.

There are 3 types of angeltypes:

  • Open: Free to sign up for every registered angel
  • Restricted: Registered angels can 'apply' to sign up for this type, but they need to be confirmed by team members with the 'supporter' role for that angeltype. Supporters can also edit the Angeltype description.
  • No Self Sign Up: Angels can't sign up for this type, they need to be manually added by a volunteer coordinator or Team:Volunteers member.


We don't really use shifttypes as a separate thing, every angeltype has exactly one shifttype with the same description. A shifttype must be set before shifts can be added to the calendar.


Shifts are the things volunteers sign up to do, which are bound to a specific Angeltype and Room. If you want to manage your own shifts and want to know what they mean, this is the explanation of all the fields in the "Create Shifts" page which can be found under the "Admin" menu if you have the required "Shift Coordinator" bit set.

Volunteers can sign up for shifts once they are marked 'Arrived' in the Engelsystem by the volunteer coordinator on-site, at the Volunteerdesk.

  • Shifttype: These are pretty much the Angeltypes as described above.
  • Title: For clarity, we also use the same text as the Angeltype and Shifttype here. So a shift for running the bar will have 'Bar: Barkeep' as Title, Shifttype and Angeltype.
  • Room: The location of where this shift is supposed to be happening. For example Arcade, Bar, Entrance, Infodesk, Harbour, Public Road, Parking, Field, Track 1, etc.
  • Start: This is the starting date + time of the shift.
  • End: This is the ending date + time of the shift.
  • Needed angels: Here you can +/- a specific Angeltype that should sign up for this Shift. This counter will be shown on the schedule as well when volunteers sign up, and will decrease by one every time somebody registers for the shift. When it reaches its goal number of registered angels it will no longer be possible to sign up for this shift. Note that the 'Take needed angels from room settings' feature is not used. Also note that in general one angeltype is used per shift.

The Engelsystem has a nice feature for adding multiple shifts in one go, which in the page is used by setting the 'Mode' to 'Create multiple shifts' (this creates as many shifts as fit between the Start and End specified, using the 'Length' field as the shift length in minutes) or 'Create multiple shifts with variable length' (We haven't really used this since most shift times are identical across angeltypes).

After adding multiple shifts you can remove specific shifts in the schedule, but not multiple at once. Keep this in mind when adding large numbers of shifts. When in doubt: Ask the volunteers team!


Most shifts are location-bound (think Bar), some are spread all over the terrain (think Security). Shifts are bound to a specific Room so volunteers who sign up can find out where they are expected.

We think we have added all locations to the Engelsystem but if you think we're missing one you need for your shifts, let us know!


This functionality is not used.


In the engelsystem there is a "Ask the Heaven' button, where you are offered a simple textbox to enter your question in and submit it to the volunteer team and the volunteer coordinators. This will not send a real-time notification trough email or such, so response time could be high before the event. During the event however there should always be people 'listening' for questions :)

Of course dropping by the volunteerdesk is more fun and gets you a quicker result!


The volunteers team has the possibility to add announcements to the frontpage of the engelsystem. If you think you need one, let us know!

This looks {great|messy|german|complicated|ideal}, where do I sign up?

I can't create shifts, what happened?

You can't create shifts by default, even when you have supporter rights for an angeltype. Ask Sling/RalfK/leandra for the extra 'Shift Coordinator' bit. This is assuming you have already requested your angeltypes to be added, otherwise follow the steps @