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1st line contacts: webmind, brabo
  • coordinates the villages
  • coordinates the space for the villages
  • micro-manages the villages on buildup and teardown
  • communication of the villages to the rest of the orga
  • collects requirements from the villages like network, power, water & else and distributes to the teams
Does not:
  • general logistics
Is an exclusive team: No
IRC: #sha2017-villages
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 3
Current team size / amount of ppl: 0
Contact at projectleiding:
Backup Contact at projectleiding: {{{Backup_Projectleiding}}}
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Managed Vacancies:
You can add for your team on a page by adding: {{TeamVacancies|Villages}}

9 Team Members Villages


Team::Villages arranges the communication between the villages and the main organisation. If you need anything (special) regarding space, network, power, etc. We are the people to approach.


What is a village?

A village is a group of people who want to camp together and organise themselves more or less. Sometimes a village also wants to organise or display sub-events or hackspaces/townhalls for their village. Some villages might setup a small datacenter, hack-tent, fancy lights, a place to have workshops/talks, etc.

What is a village not?

A cheap way for your company to do adverting or recruiting on the event. If you want to support a village in goods or financially that's ok, but try to limit your commercial or governmental presence on the event.

How do I get/make one?

Organise yourselves, find out with how many people you want to have your village, what you want to do in your village. How much space you -need-. etc. Then make a village page on the wiki. If you have any questions on what is possible or want to do something big/special. Contact us.

I want to do something special! Now what?

Cool! We love to hear what you have in mind and what you need for it. Most of the stuff you will probably need to organise yourself, but we can help out in regards to placement, power, network, space, etc.

Can we rent tents via you?

As of yet unclear, but not unlikely.

We want to bring some heavy/bulky stuff for our village. Can we deliver right to the village location?"

not likely, more information will follow.


Template:TeamQuestions A note: User:sva is part of the team, too, but cannot say anything about availability yet. So she stays in the background for now.