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6 Team Members Sysadmin

We are the Sysadmin team, we provide services.

Members are (in alphabetical order, not importance):

  • Mattronix (Techinc)
  • Peetz0r (Sk1llz)
  • Piele (Techinc)
  • Zarya (Nurdspace)

What have we done so far:

  • Setup a colo server at a datacentre
  • Setup a basic website, ldap, wiki with saml integration
  • Mail, webmail, and Caldav / carddav
  • Ticketing system
  • Encrypted backups to 2 different offsite locations
  • Easy deployment of services using Ansible
  • Finished the mailinglist server

Where are we currently working on:

  • Installing a second server for failover
  • Integrate VisualEditor into Mediawiki


- Q4 2015:

  • Resource request form
  • Seafile
  • Documentation

- Q1 2016:

  • Expansion to other datacentre
  • Main website
  • Create user provisioning portal (LDAP self service)
  • Jabber
  • CMDB
  • Monitoring

- Q2 2016

  • Finish user portal
  • Finish CMDB
  • Finish monitoring

- Q3 2016 (midpoint)

  • Angel system
  • VPSes