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== Tent dimensions ==
== Tent dimensions ==
Tracktent 1, 2, 3:
Tracktent 1&2:
* Floor: 32*40m
* Floor: 32*40m
* Side height: 2,40m
* Top height: 7m
Tracktent 3:
* Floor: 38*20m
* Side height: 2,40m
* Side height: 2,40m
* Top height: 7m
* Top height: 7m

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1st line contacts: Vision, Dave_o, Bix
Does: Stage:
  • stage lights
  • projectors
  • video (equipment and streams)
  • audio stage
  • desks on stage
  • recordings


  • equipment radio station
  • radio license
  • recordings


  • Content Delivery Network
  • recordings
Does not: Stage:
  • the stage itself (the physical thing)
  • stage decoration (plants, etc.)
  • herald organization (as per week 12 orga meet)


  • radio content
Is an exclusive team: Yes
Contact: orga-av@lists.sha2017.org
IRC: #sha2017-productiehuis
  • 2016/10/01 - size and dimensions of the event must be clear.

2017/02/01 - point of no return (order list finalized)

Needed resources:
Comment: Made up of voc, a/v, stage, and other teams
Vacancies: 0
Current team size / amount of ppl: 0
Contact at projectleiding: User:Stitch
Backup Contact at projectleiding: User:Attilla
Managed Vacancies: Wanted: Radio producer
You can add for your team on a page by adding: {{TeamVacancies|Productiehuis}}

17 Team Members Productiehuis


Productiehuis is the team that makes speakers on stage heard and seen in the tent and online. The team consist of the following teams from previous events:

  • avid
  • voc
  • broadcast
  • stage
team:avid during OHM2013

Team members

Relations to other teams

Moved to Team:Productiehuis/Relations to other teams


There is a wiki page with a todo list.

Stage templates

Productiehuis:Multiple stage templates

Productiehuis:Radio studio template

Tent dimensions

Tracktent 1&2:

  • Floor: 32*40m
  • Side height: 2,40m
  • Top height: 7m

Tracktent 3:

  • Floor: 38*20m
  • Side height: 2,40m
  • Top height: 7m


Begin date End date Action responsible Status Action
2016-04-22 2016-04-27 Productiehuis Decision required Request for decision on the Deadlines (as displayed on the wiki)
2016-04-23 2016-10-01 Orga Open Event dimensions must be clear.
2016-04-24 2016-10-01 Productiehuis Open Design stage templates to prepare without knowing the event dimensions.
2016-04-24 2016-10-01 Productiehuis Open Match c3voc inventory with templates and create a gap-analyses/diff-list.


  • Begin date: when did you put the action item here?
  • End date: When do you expect this action item to be finished?
    • Background Red: when date is overshot and Status is Open or Decision required
    • Background Green: When date is in the future and Status is Open or Decision required
    • Background Light Blue: When date is in the past and Status is Closed (thus finished)
  • Status:
    • Open (style: red background)
    • Closed (style: green background)
    • Decision required (style: orange background)
  • Action: description of the item, short and nice. If large explanation is needed create a dedicated page to keep the action item list easy to browse.


  • sub-divide actions when there are multiple aspects/angles/things to do/achieve.
  • use color coding to easily visually see where we are at. This list will become large.

From team broadcast

Some info rescued from the old / deprecated team broadcast page

FM antenna with VU meter at OHM2013


All meetings (so far) are held via mumble No meetings planned. Look at the PastMeetings page, or link-3DForm:Team Meeting add a meeting here.

AV rental recommendations

  • Red: no bid or disqualified until further notice.
  • Orange: Stalled in process, needs attention.
  • Green: In process, not done.
  • Light blue: received quotation to work on.
AV rental company holder contact info status
Onyx Entertainment Vision info@onyxav.nl
  • Quotation sent (March 18)
  • Quotations received with questions (March 22)
  • Answer send. Quotations need processing.
TSR Almere Vision info@tsr-online.nl
  • Quotation sent (March 18)
  • Has questions, wants a call (March 21)
  • Replied with proposal to start a call (March 31)
Phoxit Professional AV productions Bix steven@phoxit.nl
  • Mail delivery failed (no RDNS set)
  • Solved by using private Gmail account for sending (March 18)
  • Reply with questions (March 19)
  • Answered questions (March 31)
heuvelman Vision info@heuvelman.nl
  • Mail delivery failed. (no RDNS set)
  • Solved by using private Gmail account for sending (March 18)
  • Has questions, wants a call (March 20)
Pro Acoustic Vision info@proacoustic.nl
  • Quotation sent (March 18)
  • Received request for a quotation, to be continued.
  • Answered questions about the quotations (March 30)
NFGD Bix info@nfgd.nl
  • Quotation sent (March 31)
Big Bang Showproductions (used for ohm2013) Vision info@bigbangshow.nl
  • Quotation sent (March 18)
  • Has questions, wants a call (March 23)
  • Replied with answers (not final) (March 31)
SR Licht en Geluid Dave_o info@srlichtengeluid.nl
  • Quotation sent (March 18)
  • Answer with questions (March 19)
  • Answered and offered a date for a call (March 31)
Pro Facilities Drachten Vision post@profacilities.nl
  • Quotation sent (March 18)
  • No bid
Purple Group Vision info@purplegroup.nl
  • Mail delivery failed. (access denied: RCPT TO failure)
  • Solved by using private Gmail account for sending (March 18)
  • MIA (March 31)
Diamond Sound Systems Vision info@diamondsound.nl
  • Quotation sent (March 18)
  • MIA (March 31)
Aveco Vision info@avecolichtengeluid.nl
  • Quotation sent (March 18)
  • MIA (March 31)
Rent-All Vision http://www.rentall.eu/nl/contact/contact.html (form)
  • Post submitted to request for an e-mail address (March 18)
  • MIA (March 31)

AV rental FAQ

Questions Answer Who asked? Who answered?
Does the tent have a fixed floor or are we working on soft ground? To be answered by PL Pro Acoustic Vision
What is the exact build-up time and tier-down period for A/V? To be answered by PL Multiple Vision
What type of tent is being used? To be answered by PL Multiple Vision
Is the tent capable of flying gear? If yes, weight limit and can we make the 20m span? To be answered by PL Multilpe Vision
Is the tent light distributing or darkened? To be answered by PL Multiple Vision
What are the tent dimensions? Track 1 & 2 32x40m, 7m high, 2.4m at sides. Track 3 32x20, same dimensions rest. Phoxit Bix
Do we want additional lighting in track 3? The tent is that big, it could be beneficial. Add as optional item to quote. Phoxit Bix
Do we provide emergency lighting? No Phoxit Vision / Bix
Is front lighting the beamer mandatory? No, but we *think* it is cheaper and less intrusive having the podium not moved into the tent. Phoxit Bix
Do we want preview screens for the presenter? No Phoxit Bix
Do we want speaker timers? No Phoxit Bix
Do we want DJ setup and extra lighting in the tent with subs? No Phoxit Bix
Does the 2nd radio studio also need headphone amps? To be answered by Psychic R&S Dave_o