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1st line contacts: Sebastius
Does: On-site waste removal
Does not: Hazardous/oversized/overweight waste removal. Mate-crates are not us either.
Is an exclusive team: No
IRC: #sha2017-logistics
Needed resources:
Vacancies: 0
Current team size / amount of ppl: 0
Contact at projectleiding: User:attilla
Backup Contact at projectleiding: User:Rolfvandekrol
Managed Vacancies:
You can add for your team on a page by adding: {{TeamVacancies|Logistics/Waste}}

2 Team Members Logistics/Waste


The WasteWizzkids will get your trash out of the way! For the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead.

Team members



  • Keep bugging teams about Course Waste
  • Buy stuff from shoppinglist
  • Make a new ToDo list

In progress

  • Adapt (github) for Waste: on Github --> found Jelly (RevSpace) to help work on the system.


  • Finalize buildup and teardown plans on orga sheet and here.
Write visitor guidelines (small concept at Villages/infodesk already) (Maeddoc)
  • Get contract signed by PL (Sebastius)
  • Finalize plan with waste-unsupplier (Sebastius, final changes mailed on 2017-6-1)
  • received first offer from waste-unsupplier!
  • Contact waste-unsupplier with guestimates so we can get going on a more complete plan
  • Found new teammember: user:Pwuts
  • Met with the rest of Logistics (december 15, 2016)
  • At 33C3 found the github for the the mate-crate overflow crowdsourced alert system
  • Supplied phone request to POC
  • Made first contact with local waste removal company. They are looking forward to having our business.
  • Met with Knorrie for inspiration
  • Made this wikipage


Regular waste

  • Distribute bins with binliner throughout field. Add mate-crate and sandbucket.
  • Add waste-posters for reporting system
  • Dayly waste-runs (or more often if needed) by Golfcart (we plan to do one run early 10AM to 12AM and then be 'on call' for the remainder of the day)
  • Someone to do scouting-runs if bins arent reported in
  • Someone to do emergency fix (replace binliner and leave full bag near road for easy pickup)
  • Foodcourt/bar manages itself (seperate bins/trashcompactor, rented by us)


  • 1 Golfcart (when not doing the rounds, it is charging)
  • 1 Dual axle trailer
  • 1 trashcompactor at foodcourt
  • 1 trashcompactor at logistics field
  • 10 x 660 liter bins
  • 150 x kliko 240 liter
    • (5x 240 liter reserved for HobbyBob and his flamethrowers as water bins for gastanks)
  • 1 x Glasbol (for Foodcourt area)
  • 1 x Papiercontainer (for Foodcourt area)
  • 1 x Grofvuilbak (for Logistics area)
  • 2 x PMD bak (for camping area and maybe foodcourt?)
  • 30 x Sandbucket at orga tents for sigarettes and castles ;)
  • Some tools to make big stuff small

Shoppinglist Logistics

  • Working gloves
  • 2x Shovels (don't need it dedicated)
  • Tools for making big stuff small ;)
  • Disinfectant soap
  • Rolls of (duck?/nichiban?/?) tape (for taping signs to waste-bins)
  • 400 regular trashbags (mainly for orga teams)
  • 30 buckets for sigaret butts
  • 30 * 3 L of sand
  • 2 strainers that fit on a bucket (so we can clean a sandbucket in one go)
  • 2 cat-shovels
  • Drinking water ( 7 days * 2 ppl * 2 liter = 28 liter)

Shoppinglist team

This bit we do ourselves!

  • 1500 Binliner 240 liters (DONE! Based on 100 bins, 6 days event and a lot of backup) (Sebastius, via Waste-unsupplier. Leftover boxes can be returned.)
  • 60 Ashtray stickers DONE (Maeddoc)
  • Sunscreen (P20, factor 30 and 50. Expensive but very good!) (Sebastius)
  • cheap Tshirts that can get dirty (Maeddoc)
  • 200 sht A3 Xerox Nevertear 'paper' for signs on bins (Sebastius) (DONE)

Beg/Borrow/Steal-list team

  • Laptop (probably Sebastius' cyberlaptop)



  • Team:Logistics/Shopping for trash-bags and bin-liners (sponsorship???)
  • Team:Volunteers for regular volunteershifts (garbage pickup)
  • Team:Sysadmin for hosting our cloud (HA!)based garbage reporting whatevs
  • Team:Power for 2x 3phase power until the end of event for both trashcompactors
  • Team:Foodcourt for managing their trash (we supply infra, they empty the bins)
  • Team:Bar for mate-bottle-dropoff crates (who will replace full crates)
  • Maps for planning
  • Team:villages for managing expectations regarding waste (oversized waste)
  • Team:infodesk for info-booklet
  • POC for a DIRT phone
  • Team:Logistics/ROC for a radio
  • Someone at CCC for their crowdsourced mate-crate overflow measurement system


  • Hackers produce a lot of waste. We are more 'glamping' than 'camping'.
  • On campings you can expect to walk a while to dump your garbagebag
  • At every entrance to an orga/track-tent there should be a bin
  • On your way to the track-tents/foodcourt, you should have at least one bin to dump your trash


Below map is the initial placement plan for waste



  • Red recycle symbol = heavy usage expected, approx. 4 bins per site
  • Yellow recycle symbol = medium usage expected, approx. 2 bins per site
  • White recycle symbol = light usage expected, 1 bin per site


Planning is still rough around the edges!


  • Finalize shoppinglist and send to WinSCaP (Pwuts)
  • Work on porting C3bottles, sort out requirements (Sebastius)
  • Finalize order with supplier (Sebastius)
  • Finalize texts for infodesk (Sebastius)


  • C3Bottles ready and at team sysadmin (Sebastius)
  • Purchase shoppinglist (Sebastius and Pwuts)
  • Print waste-labels (Sebastius)


  • C3Bottles operational on SHA hardware (Sebastius)


Day -8 Day -7 Day -6 Day -5 Day -4 Day -3 Day -2 Day -1 Day 0 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
26-7 27-7 28-7 29-7 30-7 31-7 1-8 2-8 3-8 4-8 5-8 6-8 7-8 8-8 9-8 10-8 11-8
wed thu fri sat sun mon tue wed thu fri sat sun mon tue wed thu fri
Delivery Power! Vill. Buildup Vis. Acc. Event Event Event Event Event Vis. leave Teardown Teardown
Av. Sebastius
Av. Pwuts
Av. Maeddoc
What happen? Rollout essential orga Deploy core fields Deploy camping fields Service Service Service Service Service Service Retract camping fields Retract orga fields, no more power! End of service and pickup
Service level


  • Evaluate and update wiki with lessons learned