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|JobTitle=ROC 2nd Teamlead/member
|JobDescription=We could use someone, preferably with an affinity for radio-communication (HAM-operators more then welcome!)
If there are questions about the how and what with the radio's, you'll be one of 2 people Warehouse can call.
If the system is down, the 2 people in this team need to fix it. (or call the supplier if it's really broken)
|JobNeededWhen=Preferably in a couple of days before the event.
|JobExpectedCommitment=TBD, mostly beïng available if there are questions about or problems with the radiosystem.
|JobSkillset=affinity with radio-communication
|JobImage=MTP3200 product image 410X510 06190535.jpg
|JobContactUserPrimary=User:Wheeze NL
{{MapObject|Handle = 0x10125}}
{{MapObject|Handle = 0x10125}}

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1st line contacts: Wheeze_NL
Does: Portable Radios (Professional Walkie Talkies)
Does not: Phones, FM-Radio, Maritime-Radio
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact: logistics@sha2017.org
IRC: #sha2017-logistics
Needed resources:
Comment: COMM (2666)
Vacancies: 0
Current team size / amount of ppl: 2
Contact at projectleiding: User:attilla
Backup Contact at projectleiding: User:Rolfvandekrol
Managed Vacancies:
You can add for your team on a page by adding: {{TeamVacancies|Logistics/ROC}}

2 Team Members Logistics/ROC

Radio's Per team and Radio-Channels

In Tetra, channels share timeslots. i.e. I can have i.e. 20 channels and 3 or 7 timeslots. If the timeslots are full, the next channel will be put in the queue.

Channel-Order subject to change without notice. Names in Display are limited to about 12 Characters.

For the radio's per team and channels: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J3uUkwhsYkZdI7PjCTJS511ePmBweO5phLYM5mRmoRE/edit?usp=sharing

Team Radio Requirements

This has been processed in the table above.


Wheeze_NL ordered the radio's, they will become available on Sunday July 30th.

Radio's will be made available on Sunday July 30th
Radio's need to be brought back to Warehouse on August 10th!

Technology: Tetra This will guarantee the same coverage on about the entire event-site on every channel, and we won't need a repeater for every single channel to do so.

The radio-tower will be build next to the infra-bunker Backbone Boulevard/track 3

Team members


Q: If I am from Team XYZ and edit the tables on this page myself, does that mean I will automatically get everything I want and be able to claim my proposed resources?
A: No, don't change the table! Please send an email to the Team instead of editing the page.